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Welcome to our new brand.

Welcome to our new brand.

Welcome to our new brand, which will position our business at the centre of the mobile and tech sectors for years to come and expresses our innovative vision for the future. We felt the time was right to create our new brand and use this to fully harness our agility, customer-centric heritage and remain relevant to an ever-evolving channel, as we continually look at new and innovative ways to serve both our brand partners and reseller customers.

In recent years, we have added new categories such as VR, drones and connected life products to our core smartphone offering, as well as services including insurance, B2B finance, extended warranty and mobile device management and have advanced our overall supply chain capability.

Our new look and feel is reflective of our continued advancement at the centre of the mobile sector since the business was founded in 1999 and is one way in which we can leverage our position and communicate the immense value we bring to the channel.

The refreshing new logo consciously incorporates an infinity loop into its design, to convey our ability to provide a complete end-to-end solution covering:


•             Distribution and channel engagement services (for brand partners and B2B, online and retail customers)

•             Supply chain services (logistics, fulfilment, configuration, kitting, recycling and returns management)

•             Mobile solutions (mobile device management, insurance, extended warranty, B2B finance and trade-in)

•             Retail services (drop-ship fulfilment, in-store display, merchandising and POS/FSDU creation)

•             Marketing (brand partner and reseller customer agency services)


Thank you for your collaboration and continued business.

Adam Sweeney
Head of Marketing

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