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Weekly Webinar Series

We appreciate how important it is to stay connected and support you with the latest Mobile Workspace Solutions that will undoubtedly improve your customer’s remote working experience.

We invite you to our latest 30-minute webinar from our Mobile Workspace Solutions series, on the benefits of in-building mobile connectivity with StrattoOpencell

An outdoor mobile signal is often unavailable indoors! StrattoOpencell offers a pioneering in-building mobile connectivity proposition as a managed service that is approved by O2, 3, EE and Vodafone. The solution will work even if there is no outdoor mobile coverage, as long as the customer has a fibre broadband connection into their building.

Our award-winning Mobile Solutions team will be joined by Michael Dewey, Partner Solutions Manager at StrattoOpencell, to discuss the target markets and to explore how you can add this in-building mobile connectivity solution to your portfolio.

Tuesday 2nd June at 10am

Our award-winning Mobile Solutions team and supporting brand partners are hosting a weekly webinar covering the latest from our portfolio.

Your time is precious, which is why we have kept each webinar concise and punchy, lasting no more than 30 minutes!

Each webinar has been specifically designed to provide

An overview of the proposition
The target markets and scenarios
How it benefits your customer
The commercials and support

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    • Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition

      The complete package of mobile technology and services designed to give your customers more choice, more control and more protection.
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    • The benefits of in-building mobile connectivity with StrattoOpencell

    All our Mobile Workspace Solutions form part of our 5 Stages to a successful deployment.

    This webinar series forms part of our 5 Stages to a successful deployment and in the coming months, we shall continue to provide calls and webinars to help support you and your customers in learning and understanding the latest in Mobile Workspace solutions, as well as helping to win you important business.

    Our award-winning Mobile Solutions team is here to support your business with your virtual go-to-market focus and selling strategies in the coming months!

    Download our 5 Stages brochure below (PDF)