Virtual Reality is ready for big business

Virtual Reality is ready for big business

The applications of virtual reality are endless. Almost everything done today in ‘real life’ can be replaced by a virtual version. The barriers are just technical and will be overcome. So far we mainly saw applications within the entertainment niche but VR slowly finds its way into daily life. Virtual reality will change the world dramatically for both consumers and businesses.

Seeing is experiencing

The 360-degree video, or VR-video, will be the first visible effect of the virtual revolution. No longer are you a spectator but you stand in the middle of the experience. These videos are versatile and have  added value in experiencing a mood, feeling or perception.

(Re) experience a concert or exhibition, a guided tour with your new employer or a production plant behind the scenes, a walk-through real-estate, seeing a surgery, education, and much, much more.

Soon you will book your vacation in a virtual environment. Walk on the beach, accept the all-inclusive buffet or check the clean the pool before making your choice. The introduction of affordable cameras, the easy dissemination via YouTube and the fact that everyone will soon have affordable VR goggles like FreeflyVR ensures a rapid adoption.

Shopping & Designing

The store of the future is virtual. Shop to your heart’s content without annoying vendors or pushing customers into a store where products are always in stock. Customise your new outfit in a virtual fitting room and buy them at the push of a button (or swipe with your hand) with home delivery. No more broken marriages because you can not assemble that Swedish coffee-table. Special glasses like the Sulon Cortex scans the area and shows you your new virtual living room or bedroom. You get real-life instructions in a virtual environment and if necessary, you switch to a digital assistant.

Products and presentation

Especially with exclusive goods companies will use virtual reality to convince the buyer. Large purchases are virtually custom made and are inspected from home or office. Walk-through your (vacation) home, assemble your new Audi A8 or bake a virtual egg in your virtual dream kitchen. Convince customers what you can do. Present your products in VR, provide insight into processes and open doors that usually remain closed.

Communication and Interaction

Digital communication becomes virtual communication. Now you talk with your colleagues through Skype, in a few years virtual conference are held behind your desk. Visits to your tax adviser or broker, you do not to go out anymore. Waiting rooms are replaced by connection latency.

In the virtual world you discuss issues with your psychologist. Brainstorm with your target audience, catch up with friends or visit your grandmother. We went from analog to digital and will end virtual.

The new virtual generation

Smartphones, consoles and other gadgets already belong to the standard range of the 16-year-old and VR-glasses will be no different. We can’t hardly keep up with all developments while VR-glasses like the Oculus Rift aren’t even for sale yet. Every organisation should start thinking how to implement this virtual revolution into their business model. Chances are that because this technique will put your business model on a slope.


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