The Samsung Galaxy S20 Range

The new Samsung Galaxy S20. Made for Intelligent Working.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is Samsung’s most business-ready premium Galaxy phone, allowing your customers to seamlessly switch from work to home.


5G is set to revolutionise the way your customers do business. It’s set to speed up mundane tasks, and connect them to more technology, more of the time at unprecedented speeds. Business success will inevitably be based on your customers’ ability to adapt and adopt the technology that gives them a competitive edge.

The new 5G ready Samsung Galaxy S20* is the most business focussed premium Galaxy phone yet providing all the on the go power your customers need to optimise their day. The Galaxy S20 can learn your customers work patterns and support their daily habits with features such as intelligent battery and adaptive display.

It also has more power, allowing your customers to work seamlessly between multiple apps to speed through workflows. Plus, the Bixby Routines feature keeps track of their settings and adjusts them to boost efficiency.

Enterprise Edition

Your customers can get even more out of the Galaxy S20 as an Enterprise Edition phone. Your customers can spend more time focusing on work and less time managing devices. Samsung Enterprise Edition is a complete package of mobile technology and services that gives your customers more choice, more control and more protection.

Your customers can configure, deploy and update devices quickly and simply so they can focus on the more demanding aspects of their business.

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*Applies to 5G variants only.