The Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ Available Now

The Samsung Note series has always been the go-to device for superior business performance and productivity. With the new Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ power has been taken to the next level.

Introducing the power phone – built from the ground up to be the most capable, flexible, multi-tasking, productivity-boosting business phone ever created.

The Galaxy Note10 is the ultimate performance smartphone for tireless business entrepreneurs who want to achieve… everything.

It establishes a new class in mobile technology.

It’s a Phone, a computer, Pen, Pro Camera, Design Studio and Security Center all in one ultra-powerful, ultra-fast device.


Intelligent S Pen

Your customers can rewrite how they use their phone with the Galaxy Note10 family’s powerful S Pen. Dynamic gesture control lets them think it, write it, sketch it, capture it, and bring their ideas to life with precision and speed.

Microsoft Productivity

The result of a unique partnership, the Samsung Galaxy Note10 family enables your customers to experience the business-boosting power of Microsoft productivity tools in a phone, as standard. Built-in as native apps, Outlook is their email client, synced with their Contacts and Calendar. Microsoft Office Mobile (1), including Word, PowerPoint and Excel, are one tap away. And OneDrive gives them 5GB of free cloud storage to back up all their work.

Samsung DeX

It’s a phone and PC in one.

Your customers can experience the power and performance of the Galaxy Note10 family and its built-in Microsoft productivity apps on any monitor for a PC-like experience (2).


Ready for the 5G revoultion. The future-ready Galaxy Note10 family seamlessly combines powerful technology to think, and act, as fast as your customers can.

Battery Power

A phone battery that puts the hour in. Your customers work all hours, so they need a battery that won’t let you down. The Galaxy Note10+ has the answer. Its larger, intelligent battery has the power to work well into the night. By understanding how your customers use their phone, it redirects power from apps they’re not using, saving battery life for when they need it most.

Processing Power

Put the power of a computer in your customer’s pocket. The speed to make faster business decisions. The Galaxy Note10+ is equipped with Samsung’s most powerful processer yet and has a massive 12GB of RAM to make multi-tasking effortless.

AR Made to Measure

Your customers can use their phone to measure depth, distance and so much more. They can get the measure of the world around them with Samsung Quick Measure (3). They can calculate the dimensions of a room or the size of what needs to fit in it, instantly. Your customers can simply point their phone at an object and the 3D Depth Camera, paired with intelligent AR, will drop tags and quickly detect distances and dimensions, areas and volumes. It’s measuring made easy for a digital world.

Knox Defence-Grade Security

Peace of mind built into the hardware from the chip up. Working at 5G speeds (4) from anywhere, at any time, keeps your customer’s business one step ahead – but it can also leave them vulnerable to cyberattacks. The Galaxy Note10 family comes with peace of mind built into the hardware, right from the chip up.


A bigger screen to let big ideas flourish. When your customer’s workplace can be anyplace, they need a screen that’s as big as their ideas. The Galaxy Note10+ introduces Samsung’s biggest screen yet at 6.8”, with minimised bezel to maximise the stunning cinematic Infinity-O display.

Pro-Grade Camera

A camera to capture every moment of inspiration. Inspiration can come from anywhere, so it’s good to know your customers have a professional-grade camera built-in to capture every moment perfectly. The Galaxy Note10 family has the power to shoot, edit, document and share their ideas in a flash.

Find My Mobile

Rest assured your customer’s phone is secure and easy to find. If they accidentally misplace their Samsung Galaxy Smartphone in a taxi or coffee shop, your customers can easily locate it using Find My Mobile (5).

Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition

Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition brings together a complete package of mobile technology, services, security tools and extended support designed specifically for business.


Find out more about the Galaxy Note10, Note10+ and the Galaxy Note10+ 5G here

Available now

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(1) Microsoft Office mobile licences sold separately.

(2) USB-C to HDMI cable and accessories sold separately.

(3) Only available on the Note10+. The Quick Measure app is separate from the Camera app.

(4) Note10+ 5G model only. 5G functionality requires compatible network connection.

(5) For your customers to use this service, they must be signed in to their Samsung account on their device.