Samsung Galaxy S20

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The new Samsung Galaxy S20.
Made for Intelligent Working.

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 is the most business-ready premium Galaxy phone. It has features to support every aspect of your customers’ working day, including easy access to their favourite work apps whether they’re for creating documents or tracking their accounts, QR business cards for networking, and a professional quality camera to capture new ideas.

And, with 5G set to change the way they do business, this phone will let them take advantage of everything 5G has to offer.

Your customers get more from their Galaxy S20 when they choose Enterprise Edition, it gives them access to dedicated technical support and ensures their whole mobile fleet is always ready for work. Your customers will get more done every day with Samsung DeX, Microsoft apps and a helping hand from Bixby.


The Galaxy S20 is ready for business with built-in features like business card creator, which lets your customers share their contact details via QR code. And a professional quality camera to capture new ideas when inspiration strikes.

Your customers can get more from their Galaxy S20 with Enterprise Edition, a complete package of mobile technology and services that give your customers more choice, more control and more protection. Enterprise Edition makes configuring, deploying and updating devices quicker and simpler so they can spend more time focusing on work.

All Enterprise Edition devices are available for an extended period, helping your customers ensure consistency across their fleet. And as an Enterprise Edition customer, they can get a helping hand from Samsung’s Enterprise specialists, whenever they and their users need expert advice and updates on any new features.

Future Proof with 5G and Wi-Fi 6

Your customers can experience a whole new world of connectivity with the S20 5G variants. 5G is set to change the way they do business. So, they need an intelligent phone that helps them take advantage of everything 5G has to offer.

A phone that gives them blazing quick data speeds and ultra-low latency letting your customers download documents in a flash, stream videos and work securely wherever they are.*

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*5G functionality requires compatible network connection and tariff.