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The Daily Escape

Need space? Make the most of your daily escape with true wireless sound

More and more, runners are using earbuds to drown out the distractions in their heads to push them on through the daily escape.

Here are a few good reasons your customers may want to put some earbuds in for their next hours escape during the lockdown and crank up the volume.

When they know, they need to train, and their brain says no. There’s nothing better than jumping in some sports kit, popping in a pair of earbuds and finding that perfect playlist, for when they need a little extra motivation.

Music promotes positive aspects of emotion, such as excitement and happiness. It also reduces negative issues such as confusion, fatigue and tension.

If done correctly, music can help runners with pacing while training on their daily escape

boombuds x

A Keele University study showed that playing their favourite tunes while running overcomes exertion levels and enhances their sense of “being in the zone.

If your customers need that little bit of extra motivation to complete their hardest workout in the lockdown, they should fire up the tunes in their music player of choice with a pair of Boompods ‘Boombuds X’ true wireless earphones.

Corporate branding also available 

Boompods can brand any of their items in the range; speakers, headphones, power chargers and audio splitters. All their products offer a large print area so they are the perfect partner to promote your customer’s brand awareness.

Boompods offers a wide selection of print options, from a basic one colour logo print to all over decal patterns in both a shiny or soft-touch matt finish. They can also offer bespoke colours for each item subject to order quantity.

Custom Packaging

Boompods can offer bespoke packaging solutions or the option to use their own branded packaging. And can offer added brand value to your customer’s corporate gift with their co-branding identity. Boompods can also offer fully custom neoprene bags on their Headpods and Downdraft/Doubleblaster speaker ranges.


Boompods are very accommodating, whether your customers order is 500 pieces or 50,000 pieces. They can help, with fast lead-times and excellent service.

For more information on Boombuds and all Boompods accessories and solutions, contact your Account Manager or call 08702 420 420.

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