The Best Vlogging Camera

All-in-one vlogging solution

This incredible compact camera from DJI helps your customers look much more skillful with a camera than they really are.

Today’s vlogs with their fast editing and many shots, take a lot of accuracy and patience to film, and that’s where a camera like the Osmo Pocket comes in.

In the past decade, vlogging has developed its own style of cinematography, with wonderfully framed time-lapses working as frequent transitions between brief monologues.

Although this is designed to generate an idea of effortlessness, its execution is anything but. The OSMO Pocket is jam-packed with the latest tech that is designed to narrow this gap.

The OSMO Pocket has a three-axis stabilised gimbal that guarantees your customer’s videos will stay smooth and appear professional even when operating without a tripod. The OSMO Pocket has more exceptional functionality like support for time-lapses and motion-lapses, which make the other requirements of today’s vlogger far more natural to capture.

The OSMO Pocket can be easily attached to a smartphone.

Attach a smartphone for more instant access to the camera’s advanced functionality.



“Without a smartphone attached, you can capture footage within 10 seconds; using a smartphone adds a few extra seconds. With the Samsung S10 I use, it was smart enough to open the DJI app every time I plugged it in. It was never as fast as opening the app on my phone, but it was quick enough that I seldom missed something that I was looking to capture” said Chris Brookfield, Data Select

The OSMO Pocket is at its best when just moving, filming, and letting the three-axis gimbal do its work.

The DJI Osmo Pocket is an excellent example of a gadget that’s designed to fit a particular form factor. It is small for the job that it does, and if that’s the main priority for your customer, then there’s not a lot else out there like it and is possibly the best vlogging camera on the market.

The DJI range

In addition to their video stabilisation products with their OSMO action camera range. DJI’s Mavic series offers powerful and foldable drones for aerial adventure, whilst their Spark series offers a fun mini drone with all of their signature technology.

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