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Protect your customer’s eye health with the TCL NXTPAPER range.

The TCL NXTPAPER range sets new standards in the smartphone and tablet world, offering devices that care for your customers’ eyes without compromising performance or style.

Thanks to their anti-glare certification, they feature impressive NXTPAPER displays, ensuring clear views even in direct sunlight. NXTPAPER technology boasts multiple layers in the display that reduce harmful blue light by up to 61%. Plus, it replicates the feel of paper, minus the smudges. 

The TCL NXTPAPER 11 is a tablet featuring award-winning screen technology that replicates the comfort of paper in a digital format. 

At its core is the beautiful 2K 11″ NXTPAPER Display, delivering vivid colours in outdoor environments while providing a tactile paper-like texture, ensuring a natural and familiar feel with each swipe of the finger. 

The NXTPAPER 11 prioritises your customers’ eye health with Certified Low Blue Light, reducing blue light exposure by up to 61%. The colour temperature intuitively adjusts to ambient light conditions for a comfortable viewing experience at any time of day. 

With its ultralightweight design, the NXTPAPER 11 is perfect for customers who are always on the go. Its 8000mAh battery ensures extended usage and can even serve as a power source for your customers’ other devices when their batteries run low. 

It engages students through its expansive display and intuitive interface in educational settings. In healthcare, it emerges as an indispensable tool for managing patient data facilitating efficient care delivery. It evolves into a widescreen interactive map for logistics, empowering couriers during deliveries. The future is now. 


The TCL 40 NXTPAPER features an impressive 6.78” NXTPAPER Display with FHD+ resolution. Its anti-glare certification ensures a clear view even in direct sunlight. 

The 40 NXTPAPER goes beyond its stunning display, delivering reliable performance. With 8GB of physical RAM and an additional 8GB virtual RAM expansion, it offers up to 16GB of RAM for seamless multitasking. You’ll also have ample storage with expandability up to 2TB. 


The 40 NXTPAPER 5G has a 6.6″ HD+ 90Hz NXTPAPER display that offers beauty and comfort. Its matte finish, which is anti-glare certified, reduces fingermarks and reflections. 

The TCL 40 NXTPAPER 5G boasts outstanding performance with 5G integration, enabling fast downloads, seamless streaming, and quick online responsiveness. With up to 12GB of RAM (6GB physical and 6GB expansion), multitasking, streaming, and browsing on Android™ 13 are a breeze. Gaming enthusiasts will appreciate the NXTURBO for up to 30% faster image rendering, and there’s ample storage with expandability of up to 1TB. 

Discover the key markets where the TCL NXTPAPER range is being deployed.


Beyond providing access to educational resources anytime and creating a flexible and interactive learning environment, the NXTPAPER contributes to the healthy development of children’s eyes by reducing eye strain and minimising dry eye, ensuring a more comfortable and sustainable viewing experience on electronic screens.


Smartphones facilitate telemedicine, allowing remote consultations and ensuring efficient access to electronic health records.

These advanced screen features benefit patients and healthcare workers by helping mitigate the impact of artificial light in hospitals, reducing glare and promoting healthier eyes during critical tasks.


Beyond offering mobile check-in/check-out services, contactless payments, and reservations, incorporating anti-glare and blue light technology screens into these smart devices ensures a smoother guest experience.

It supports the well-being of hospitality staff, reducing eye strain and fatigue caused by prolonged screen use in varying lighting conditions.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Smart devices streamline logistics and supply chain operations by providing real-time tracking of shipments, on-screen navigation on the go, and inventory management through mobile apps.

Incorporating anti-glare and blue light technology screens into these smart devices ensures operational excellence. It supports the eye health of logistics professionals by minimising glare while on the road and reducing the potential negative impact of blue light during extended screen use.


Having anti-glare and blue light technology screens in these smart devices enhances the customer experience. It supports the eye health of retail professionals by reducing glare and minimising the potential adverse effects of blue light during prolonged viewing of point-of-sale (mPOS) screens.


The use of anti-glare and blue light technology screens in these smart devices not only ensures secure financial transactions but also supports the eye health of finance professionals by reducing glare and minimising the potential adverse effects of blue light during extended screen use from accessing financial information, banking apps and conducting secure transactions where attention to detail is key and where the NXTPAPER range can reduce eye strain.

Field Service and Maintenance

Smart devices with anti-glare and blue light technology screens allow technicians to access the necessary information and collaborate with teams on the go, enhancing their efficiency.

The NXTPAPER not only boosts efficiency but also supports the eye health of field service professionals by minimising sun glare during outdoor tasks and reducing the potential adverse effects of blue light exposure.

Government and Public Services

For government and public service professionals, having a smart device with anti-glare and blue light technology screens supports their eye health, reducing the impact of artificial light and outdoor conditions on their eyes during on-the-go tasks.

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