TCL are one of the leading consumer electronic brands in the world.

With a prestigious history in television and consumer electronics, TCL is now revolutionising the mobile industry.

Sitting second in global market share for TVs, this global brand boasts significant market share in everything from air conditioning to mobile handsets. With over 300 million users worldwide and operating in over 160 countries, TCL have a reputation for creating and delivering incredible technology. 

This electronics expertise enables TCL to deliver cutting-edge mobile devices.

When your customers choose TCL Communications, they’re getting the knowledge of some of the world’s leading minds in the fields of consumer electronics.

Multi-brand vision

TCL is the first global multi-brand mobile company, manufacturing a complete portfolio of devices, including smartphones, feature phones, tablets, wearables, mobile broadband devices and connected home products. 

Founded in 1999, through TCL’s unique multi-brand approach they provide innovative products and services to customers around the globe. 

Each of TCL’s brands has a distinct identity, allowing them to offer a comprehensive device portfolio to meet the needs of all consumers.

Smart Home ecosystem

At the heart of this multi-device ecosystem is TCL’s AI x IoT strategy, which focuses on helping users start their journey toward a smarter home and life. 

It merges hardware, software, connectivity and function into comprehensive solutions that help users create smart, convenient, secure and environmentally responsible lives; through a comprehensive End, Edge and Cloud IoT ecosystem of devices. 

The ecosystem works with the world’s top cloud services to provide connection and convenience that serve users’ needs anytime, anywhere, using their smart phones and TVs as central hubs of control.

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