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Security, efficiency and control are the keys to great healthcare products, and TCL has those in abundance. 


The TCL 20 SE is a highly affordable NFC handset that is essential for so much of the industries device needs. This functionality is key in so many secure premises, but also for logging in and out of seeing a client or patient. It’s simply a must-have feature. So, coming in such a cost-efficient package is ideal! 

The TCL 20 SE boasts a 6.82″ LCD display, with NXTVISION – intelligent display technology – giving your customers a clear image and easy access to essential apps and tools, allowing their staff more time to focus on the job.  

Thanks to the 20 SE’s Qualcomm octa-core chipset and a long-lasting 5,000mAh battery, your customers can continue to care for their patients and offer an effective healthcare service without having to worry about their device running out of power. It also comes with On-The-Go reverse charging capability, making it possible to top up the battery of a colleague’s device or a smaller gadget.

Your customer’s staff’s security is a priority, but so is the sensitive data they work with. The TCL 20 SE is Android Enterprise Recommended, with zero-touch and Android 11, ensuring security is guaranteed.


The TCL TAB 10S is purpose-built for your customer’s work, with its key feature being the incredible battery life. 

Your customers can discover an immersive viewing experience with TCL TAB 10s. A 10-inch FHD display with innovative technology offers sharp detail while intelligent eye protection prevents flickering and reduces harmful blue light, so your customers can work for hours while knowing their sight’s protected. 

With an 8,000 mAh battery, they can get 8 hours of constant use out of the device before having to worry about the battery.  Combine that with 4G connectivity and they can remain accessible in any emergencies. 

The TCL TAB 10s features Android 11, and zero-touch out the box, meaning it will be compliant with their systems and ready to roll out instantly. 

TCL Partner Programme:

TCL’s Partner Programme is aimed at supporting B2B and IT resellers with an enhanced set of benefits, offering you exclusive commercial, product and marketing benefits along with direct access to TCL experts for additional support and training.

This programme will provide you access to software build and technical support to give you the advantage.

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