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Stay Secure, Stay Current: Google Pixel’s Extended 7-year Update Support

Google’s Commitment to Long-Term Support

How long should a phone last? For Google Pixel users, the answer extends well into the next decade. Google has made a bold promise to provide software updates and security patches [1] for these devices until 2030, ensuring your customers’ investment in technology lasts longer than ever before.

Longevity and reliability
for business users

With business today, speed, reliability, and longevity are paramount. Google understands this, which is why Google Pixel comes with seven years [1] of continuous updates, including security enhancements, Feature Drops [2], and operating system upgrades. This commitment not only protects sensitive data from evolving threats but also ensures your customers’ devices remain equipped with the latest tools to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Enhancing your Pixel
experience over time

“A phone should improve with age”, asserts Aisha Sharif, Pixel Product Manager. Google’s approach ensures that Pixel devices not only retain their performance but also evolve with new features and capabilities over the years. Multiple times a year, Feature Drops [2] bring exciting enhancements like Video Boost for enhanced video quality. These updates are designed to keep your customers’ Pixel feeling fresh and functional, meeting the demands of modern business.


Stay Secure, Stay Current: Google Pixel’s Extended 7-year Update Support


Sustainability in device choice

Users often form strong attachments to their devices, whether it’s the feel of a Pixel phone or its enduring performance. Google Pixel devices provide a solution that allows users to maintain their preferred device while receiving the latest updates and optimisations. This approach not only supports sustainability but also maximises the return on investment for businesses integrating Pixel phones into their operations.

Google redefine the lifespan of a smartphone with their seven-year update [1] commitment. Designed to cater to the evolving needs of business professionals, these devices ensure longevity, reliability, and continuous improvement. With each new Feature Drop [2] and security update, Google reinforces its dedication to keeping Pixel users ahead in a rapidly changing digital landscape. Whether your customers are managing projects, communicating with clients, or staying organised on the go, Pixel devices provide the tools and reliability they need to succeed.



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1. Pixel updates for seven years from when the device first became available on the Google Store in the US. See for details.

2. Your customers Pixel will generally receive Feature Drops during the applicable Android update and support periods for the phone.
See for details. Availability of some Feature Drops may vary.


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