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Alcatel’s range of products suit a multitude of business needs, whether your customers are looking for entry-level mobile phones, 4G smartphones, mobile broadband routers or tablets.

With an incredible range of services and devices to satisfy all your customers business needs, Alcatel Enterprise offers quality at a price point in a variety of industries.


Security, efficiency and control are the keys to great hospitality products, and Alcatel can provide those. 

Alcatel 3T 8

Digitally transforming your customer’s hospitality business could not be simpler or more affordable than with the Alcatel 3T 8.  

Purpose-built to be your customer’s all-in-one mobile platform, it’s an ideal product with an affordable price bracket. 

Kitted with 4G connectivity, Kiosk Mode, Business Mode, the ability to run zero-touch out-of-the-box, and lightweight and durable, the Alcatel 3T 8 is ideal for staff to use it whilst serving or working events, taking bookings or payments through the device – even when working remote events. 

Your customers can literally not get better value than the 3T 8. 


For those running events on the go, the MW40 allows your customer’s business to have constant Wi-Fi access, ensuring they are never offline when they need to be securely and reliably on. Powered by a durable seven-hour charge, it delivers the fast connection speed they need anywhere throughout the day.

Taking payments and orders reliably is crucial when catering or hosting remote events, and Wi-Fi cannot always be guaranteed at those venues. With the MW40, your customers can ensure they have that connectivity, while also securing it from external use.  

With the LINK App, your customers can manage its connection, charge, status and data rate to best suit their needs. This Wi-Fi hotspot supports up to 14 connections allowing teams to take and send orders instantly.  

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Alcatel Partner Programme:

Alcatel’s Partner Programme is aimed at supporting B2B and IT resellers with an enhanced set of benefits, offering you exclusive commercial, product and marketing benefits along with direct access to Alcatel experts for additional support and training.

This programme will provide you access to software build and technical support to give you the advantage.

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