Alcatel Healthcare Smartphones Tablets

Alcatel’s range of products suit a multitude of business needs, whether looking for entry-level mobile phones, 4G smartphones, mobile broadband routers or tablets.

With an incredible range of services and devices to satisfy all your customers business needs, Alcatel Enterprise offers quality at a price point in a variety of industries. 


Security, efficiency and control are the keys to great healthcare products, and Alcatel can provide those. 

The Alcatel 1S is the most affordable NFC handset on the market. This functionality is key in so many secure premises, but also for logging in and out of seeing a client or patient. It’s simply a must-have feature, so it coming in such a cost-efficient package is ideal! 

This isn’t the only security-conscious feature, with the 1S also boasting SOS functionality to make sure your customer’s team are always secure. 

The 1S’ 6.22″ HD+ screen also gives your customers clear and easy access to their essential apps, meaning they have more time to focus on the crucial task at hand. 

The Alcatel 3T 8″ tablet is purpose-built for your customers work, being robust enough to handle heavy use and 4G connectivity so they can remain accessible in emergencies. 

Both feature Android 10, and zero-touch out the box so will be compliant with your customer’s systems and ready to roll out instantly. 

Add in fantastic front-facing cameras on both devices, allowing your customer to handle remote sessions and video calls on the go, and they truly are ideal devices for their staff.

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