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Alcatel’s range of products suit a multitude of business needs, whether looking for entry-level mobile phones, 4G smartphones, mobile broadband routers or tablets.

With an incredible range of services and devices to satisfy all your customers business needs, Alcatel Enterprise offers quality at a price point in a variety of industries. 


The reality of working in education is mobile products get used heavily and suffer wear and tear. Your customers cannot be regularly replacing high-cost products over the course of a scholastic year.

With the Alcatel 1S smartphone and Alcatel 3T 8″ and 3T 10″ tablets, your customers have a range of fantastic products which are cost-effective. At a great price point, for the Alcatel 1S and 3T 8″, your customers will be even more impressed by their robust build, allowing for heavy use.

The importance of being able to educate remotely is more crucial than ever, and this great tech will support that. Each device boasts a front-facingcamera and 4G to allow for video calling, as well as online classes.

Your customers won’t be let down by battery issues, as they’re all capable of at least 7 hours of usage time, meaning they won’t be dropping out of a crucial class or call mid-way through!

Each device comes with Android 10 and zero-touch out the box, so they’re ready to roll out to their team and be used straight away, leaving no delays in getting started!

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