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Alcatel’s range of products suit a multitude of business needs, whether your customers are looking for entry-level mobile phones, 4G smartphones, mobile broadband routers or tablets.

With an incredible range of services and devices to satisfy all your customers business needs, Alcatel Enterprise offers quality at a price point in a variety of industries.


Because of Alcatel’s focus on developing product security and usability, combined with the Alcatel price point, they’re able to offer a huge range of options for banking budgets. Easy device deployment, security, usability and keeping the costs down are major purchasing factors within the banking and finance industry. That is where the Alcatel 3T 8, Alcatel 3088X and Alcatel 1S come into their own.

The Alcatel 3T 8 tablet comes with Zero Touch and a QR scanner as standard, allowing for easy access and deployment to your customer’s team. The device also comes with 2GB/32GB memory with a Quad-Core processor, keeping the tablet agile and ready to handle the workload. The Android experience gives your customers the ability to work with many EMMs to secure data on devices.

The Alcatel 3088X has found its ideal place with call centre teams needing to work remotely. This cost-effective device comes with a 3.5mm jack, long-lasting battery and access to VoWiFi & Volte.

The Alcatel 1S, which has been Alcatel’s bestselling device of the 2020 season, comes with all the security of Android 10 while working with most major EMM’s, at an incredible price point.

Their 2021 edition sees the 1S upgrade its screen to a 6.52″ HD+ screen with reading and dark mode to help with the clarity.

2021 line up

Alcatel 3L (2021)

Images that captivate

Your customers can captivate their audience with the Alcatel 3L (2021). Enthral and amaze with videos and pictures taken by the 48 MP AI Triple-Camera, and view razor-sharp visuals with the crisp 6.52″ HD+ Vast Display.

Alcatel 1S (2021)

Power your customers’ visuals

Your customers can power up their visuals with a 6.52″ HD+ Vast Display and 13MP AI Triple-Camera backed by intelligent performance.

They get a faster, smarter and more effortless experience with Alcatel 1S’ simple setup, intuitive interface, fast access and a 4,000mAh battery with smart power management to keep it going all day.

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