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The Simtoo, foldable and portable follow me drone – Exclusive to Data Select.

The Simtoo, foldable and portable follow me drone – Exclusive to Data Select.

The Simtoo Follow Me drone’s GPS Smart Watch Control makes flying from your wrist a possibility.  The Follow Me drone enables Auto Follow shooting and all around shooting so you can record every moment of your trip and autonomously follows the GPS Tracker Band with a camera facing to the tracker at all times.  This means that whilst you are wearing the Tracker Band, the Simtoo will follow and record your every movement. The buttons on the Smart Watch can change the position of the drone, adjust the angle of the gimbal and start other smart flight modes. However, if you prefer, the Simtoo can be controlled with a traditional 2.4G joystick transmitter for more advanced flying.

simtoo-foldable-(1)Worlds First Foldable Drone

Worlds first foldable carbon fibre arms allow dragonfly drone to fit all parts in one small hardshell case. Assembly require just a few minutes. Compact airframe, light weight, tablet-sized, it is no longer a burden to carry a 400mm quadcopter on the tour.

drone-watchHands Free

Breakthrough innovation of RC watch control. Intelligent flight modes such as auto-take off and auto-return home can be all commanded with clicks on the watch buttons. No pilot experience required. Simply direct dragonfly where to go with a creative stick on the watch. Free your hands and let the drone automatically fly in the path you demand.

HikingFollow me

With GPS built-in the watch, dragonfly drone autonomously follows you wherever you go. Just leave it behind while you are running or riding. The aircraft will sense your orientation, turn the camera to you at all times and capture every movement. Max 20 m/s fly speed makes dragonfly the ultimate tracker for fast & furious sports videography.

RemoteControlRemote Control

Dragonfly also goes with a redesigned remote controller which extends the RC distance to 1KM. Built-in LCD screen keeps you updated with the flight status of the aircraft. Flexible joysticks allow experienced pilots to have a more responsive control and perform or fly in an orbit around you with camera watch you always, makes you the centre of the intelligent flights with press of buttons on the remote.

360_degrees_picture360 Degree Vision

Not into single shot from one angle? Dragonfly is able to auto rotate in place clockwise and get 360 degree continuous footages of your surroundings. What’s more, the aircraft can also fly in an orbit around you with camera look at you all the time, which makes you the centre of the film.

SurfingFlying Camera

4K 16MP sports camera with Sony sensor makes every detail visible in the image shot from the above. Dismountable 3D brushless gimbal eliminates shake in the motion while broaden the horizon of lens within 90 degree both vertically and horizontally. Everyone can fly their camera and produce masterpiece in the sky vision.

iphoneView1Put your Eyes in the Air

See what dragonfly captures with 720P live video on Simtoo APP streamed from the camera through WI-FI. Get the feeling of FPV pilot at distance. Shoot the photo or video you desire in-flight all at your fingertips on the mobile screen. An optional digital transmitter delivers images even over 800M.

BatteryMotivations to the Sky

5500mah Li-Po battery powers 4 brushless motors to rush dragonfly into the air and stay for max
30 min while energy consumption is low. When power almost out, dragonfly land smoothly by itself.


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