Samsung’s B2B Partner Programme

Samsung One is a fully interactive and immersive business partner programme for everyone involved in mobility. It has everything you need to unlock new opportunities, from product specs and training to incentives and marketing resources. It’s all yours to explore.

What is Samsung One?

The Samsung One B2B Partner Programme is designed to deliver consistency and accelerate growth by putting you and your customers first. With training, marketing resources, incentives and rewards, the programme will help you make the most of your partnership with Samsung.

A clear advantage in the race to unlock bigger profits.

Champion programme

Champion Partners are Samsung experts. Their peers look up to them because they are passionate about Samsung and committed to sharing their knowledge.

Samsung Champion Partners are the first to be trained on flagship devices and will be invited to our annual Champion Events.


The Samsung One training programme teaches you all the essentials, from Knox to Enterprise Edition. 

You can access these training programmes, plus quizzes and product specs, on the Samsung One app. 

And when you complete your training, get badges, certificates and rewards to recognise your achievement.

Samsung Rewards

Earn points for participating in incentives and turn these into credit, with the Samsung Rewards card. 

Once you’re signed-up, Samsung will send you quarterly emails with incentives to help you win more points and credit.


Track your performance on sales and training targets, review your achievements to date, and get insight into your team’s engagement with the programme. 

Samsung One App

The Samsung One app is your one connection to Samsung’s business partner programme. 

It provides access to everything you need and keeps you instantly updated with Samsung’s latest product launches and training materials in order to keep you one-step ahead of your competition.

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