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Empower productivity with Samsung Galaxy AI.

Following the highly anticipated launch of the S24, Samsung has extended its suite of AI features to a wider range of devices through a new One UI 6.1 update. This means that users of the Galaxy S23/23FE, Z Flip5, Z Fold5, and Galaxy Tab S9 can now harness the power of AI to enhance their productivity and efficiency in the workplace. 

Traditionally, AI applications have relied on extensive computing power, often operating on the cloud and limiting smartphones’ capabilities. However, with Samsung’s cutting-edge smartphone technology and support for cloud-based processing, users can now access a range of AI tools right from the palm of their hands. From Circle to Search with Google to Chat Assist and Note Assist, Samsung is paving the way for the seamless integration of AI into daily life.  

Samsung is offering Galaxy AI features for free on supported devices until at least the end of 2025 in its mission to make this technology accessible to all.

Samsung Galaxy AI in action

// Note it

Note Assist

But what exactly can users expect from Galaxy AI in action? The possibilities are endless. With Note Assist paired with the S Pen, users can effortlessly jot down notes automatically summarised, organised, and enriched with follow-up actions, streamlining the note-taking process like never before.

// Capture it

Transcript Assist

Transcript Assist takes it a step further by allowing users to capture every detail of a meeting without the need for manual notetaking, freeing them to engage in the conversation at hand. For businesses operating globally, Live Translate breaks down language barriers by transcribing conversations into a shared language in real time, fostering seamless communication across borders.

 1 Available in 35 languages from launch

// Search it

Circle to Search with Google

Circle to Search with Google lets your customers circle text or images directly on their screen and instantly launch a Google search. They no longer need to navigate their browser and type in what they’re looking for. Simply by making a circle, the device swiftly executes the search, streamlining the entire process. 

// Rest assured

Peace of mind in an AI world.

Samsung understands the importance of peace of mind in an AI-driven world, which is why its devices are fortified with Samsung Knox, defence-grade software that provides end-to-end security. Moreover, Samsung actively engages in global conversations surrounding regulation and safety, advocating for the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies.

Samsung Galaxy AI-enabled devices

Galaxy AI is also available on these devices. Order yours today! 

Galaxy S23 Series  |  Galaxy Z Flip5  |  Galaxy Z Fold5  |  Galaxy Tab S9, Tab S9+ and Tab S9 Ultra 

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