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Is the hybrid workplace effective?

Without a doubt, sure. Is it flawless? No, but in the face of challenges, Samsung has discovered new ways to operate efficiently and the ability to adapt to the “new normal.”

It is, however, a little more complicated. While the hybrid workplace has numerous advantages, it also has certain drawbacks. It adds difficulties and worries for business leaders, particularly small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners, such as employing new people, keeping the team engaged, and collaborating while protecting their company’s data. These are only a few of the issues that must be addressed to succeed both now and in the future of hybrid work.

Samsung listened to SMB leaders’ goals and recognised the demands of their teams when building the new Galaxy S22 series, led by the Galaxy S22 Ultra — identifying pain points and leveraging lessons learned from previous years to assist in mobilising the hybrid workplace. Samsung is collaborating with business customers to launch the next generation of mobile technologies.

Here are a few places where the new S22 series excels.

Increasing Productivity

SMBs identified enhancing labour productivity as a critical business concern in Techaisle’s assessment of the “Top 10 SMB and Mid-market business issues, IT priorities and challenges for 2022.”

But hasn’t the hybrid workplace been proved in studies to increase employee morale and, as a result, productivity? Yes, but the complete picture is a little more complicated. The hybrid workplace improves productivity but is also adding complications to regular workflows.

Employees benefit from flexibility, there’s no doubt about that — but it’s also become evident that the devices employees use to keep connected and productive are more vital than ever. Business executives and their teams require a device that allows them to operate more productively and effectively when on the go. When people set up at a workstation, whether at home or the workplace, the move from mobile to desktop should be seamless, thanks to solutions like Samsung DeX.

Providing opportunities for collaboration

Our mobile devices keep us more connected than ever before, but they don’t always lend themselves to real-time work collaboration. We frequently find ourselves having to wait until we arrive at a workstation to connect to a video call or open a document. Using a few taps, the Galaxy S22 Ultra helps rewrite that story with the inbuilt S Pen – a stylus that is incredibly useful for marking up a document, making notes, editing slides, grabbing text, and sharing the latest and greatest version of what’s in progress. Meanwhile, the S22 series’ full-day battery, magnificent screen, and Samsung’s greatest camera system ever — features included across the board — bring video calling capabilities and more with them wherever their day may take them.

The S22 series includes Microsoft and Google integration, addressing two of the top three IT goals identified by Techaisle — cloud access and collaboration — with a mobile device that includes corporate productivity tools natively integrated. (We’ll get to the number one IT priority in a moment.) Samsung is continually improving the Microsoft Office experience, and with the S Pen, your customers can simply create documents and collaborate across the cloud right from their phone. The S22 series also supports live sharing via Google Duo. Duo’s live sharing will initially allow Jamboard collaboration, group note-taking in Samsung Notes, and image sharing via the Gallery app. Your customers can also view live video together – even if they are working remotely.

Workflow optimisation

One individual doing work is one thing. It’s another thing entirely to have an entire organisation running smoothly. When everyone is working in the office, it is quite easy to hide workflow stumbling blocks. When employees work from home, seemingly little inefficiencies might grow into visible flaws that cause everyday frustration. Because of the rapid adoption of the hybrid workplace, business owners have been pushed to retool their systems and procedures so that everyone can access everything from anywhere. As a result, Samsung has a pivotal opportunity to make its operations more mobile-friendly, if not entirely mobile-focused.

Ensuring security

The top IT difficulty identified in the Techaisle was migration to advanced IT, which ranks alongside strengthening security solutions as the top IT objective. In terms of adoption growth, mobile device management ranks second on a separate list.

Retrofitting a surface-level mobile strategy to old technological infrastructure can hinder your customer’s IT team’s ability to maintain their business safe from cyber-attacks. Employees using older smartphones, for example, maybe unable to install critical security upgrades. Meanwhile, IT personnel are unable to monitor those susceptible devices effectively.

If your customers are investing in a hybrid workplace model, it is time for them to upgrade to new gadgets rather than patch up old ones. All S22 series smartphones contain defence-grade Samsung Knox, which protects them from the chip up against intrusion, malware, and harmful threats.

Not only does Knox come pre-installed on these devices, but they also provide access to Knox Manage, a Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform that is versatile and straightforward enough to manage device rollouts of any scale, from early-stage startups with only a few employees to huge organisations.

It’s not just a phone your customers are looking for. It’s a solution. A difference-maker. A game-changer. Samsung is staying a step ahead so your customers can, too.

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