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6 reasons Chromebooks are transforming the healthcare industry.

Healthcare providers are continually trying to improve patient outcomes, and decision-makers have seen the critical impact of modern information technology on the state of medical care. As a result, healthcare organisations today are more tech-ready, mobile, security-aware and budget-conscious than ever.

Health workers need constant access to Electronic Health Records (EHRs), especially in high-capacity hospitals. And the medical staff are increasingly working with patients in the field, where they need access to files stored in the cloud and centralised administrative systems via the internet. To meet these needs, administrators look to deploy the latest mobile healthcare technology.

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are laptops using the Google Chrome OS operating system that primarily feature Google Workspace applications such as Google Calendar, Google Drive and Gmail.

Chromebooks are:

  • Cost-effective, versatile, durable and lightweight alternatives to MacBooks or Windows laptops.
  • Designed to enhance productivity tasks, making them ideal for use in healthcare environments.
  • Saving valuable time for healthcare teams on the frontline and patients in need of care with the solution of cloud-based data sharing and a centralised platform for secure management and implementation. 
  • Several users can share them using encrypted cloud platforms, meaning healthcare personnel can access their files across many devices. Boot up times are also hugely reduced because files are not stored locally on the device. For example, Samsung Chromebooks only take 10 seconds to boot and can always be on standby. 

Why choose Chromebooks in healthcare?

Chromebook devices are helping to transform the healthcare industry. But how exactly?

These devices offer many advantages for healthcare workers in modern healthcare work environments, offering mobility, reliability, and convenience compared to their old devices.

Modern-day healthcare teams have never been more aware of the importance of mobility, security, flexibility, and the technology benefits in their day-to-day working lives. In today’s fast-paced and demanding work environments, healthcare workers need to be provided with the required technology to help them excel at their roles and ultimately provide the very best patient care possible. Samsung Chromebooks can do and are doing just that!

Here are some fundamental benefits of Chromebooks for healthcare organisations:

1. Enhanced security

Healthcare workers and patients all need to know that their sensitive healthcare data, such as files and X-rays, are managed securely. Fortunately, security is at the heart of the Samsung Chromebook’s operating system, so patient’s confidential, personal information and privacy is secure at all times. Samsung Chromebooks contain a brilliant piece of technology called Chrome OS. This piece of technology provides integrated protection against viruses, malware, ransomware, hackers and spam.

Security is built into the Samsung Chromebook system, so there is no need to update the Google Chrome OS; it runs automatically in the background, saving time while ensuring maximum security. 

2. Military-grade durability

Samsung Chromebooks are lightweight but have robust and military-grade durability, therefore wearing well in fast-paced healthcare work environments.

Although the design is exceptionally sturdy and durable, Samsung Chromebooks appear professional-looking, minimal and sleek, blending seamlessly with modern medical healthcare.

As a result of this durability, theres no need to worry about their device sliding off a patient’s bed or getting knocked of their workstation. They are also dust-proof and water resistant, so they are suitable for daily use in hospital wards, clinics, and care homes. 

3. Increased flexibility

Healthcare teams can be less restricted to fixed desks and can easily access applications and clinical software regardless of where and when they are using their device.

Samsung Chromebook’s fast and wireless connection means healthcare teams can focus on the tasks that matter without being tied down to a particular place. 

4. Time-saving

Samsung Chromebooks can boot within 10 seconds and can be kept on standby while still maintaining a quality battery life, saving valuable time for healthcare workers on the frontline and patients in need of urgent care.

Quick booting time can help to improve team efficiency and speed because files are cloud-stored and not stored on the device and can therefore be accessed 24/7 and on the move. 

5. Cost-efficiency

Samsung Chromebooks offer an affordable option that can improve operational efficiency making training more accessible with shared Chrome devices and cloud-based resources.

For example: The cost of investing in 20x Samsung Chromebook 4’s for your healthcare organisation is drastically lower than purchasing 20x All-in-One desktop computers.

Samsung Chromebooks are easy to use, making implementation throughout healthcare organisations and employee adoption faster.

6. Storage space in the cloud

With a Samsung Chromebook, all files are in the cloud and healthcare workers can access them 24/7. Chromebook also provides automatic real-time backups of data in the cloud. 

With these guaranteed and reliable backups, healthcare teams don’t need to be worried about essential files getting lost, power loss, hardware failure or data breaches. Instead, they can restore this information, resulting in less disruption to the care of a patient.

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