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Home healthcare  serves as a key link between doctors and their homebound patients. They manage the patients’ care plan after conferring with the patient, their other carers, and physicians while caring for outpatient and at-home patients, the majority of whom are elderly, infirm, or chronically ill. They include wellness checks, nursing services, and even physical and occupational therapy, all of which assist patients to avoid hospitalisation and care facilities. 

Home carers, like their colleagues in the healthcare sector, have adapted to electronic health records and other digital documentation needs. Many carers traded their clipboards for laptop computers years ago. Their hefty, battery-draining laptops are being replaced by lighter, purpose-built tablets for healthcare professionals. Samsung Galaxy tablets, with their powerful computing power and long battery life, make it easier than ever for nurses and carers to share instructive videos with patients while the provider is on their way to their house. 

Rugged tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3, offer the option of a mobile device designed to resist the rigours of home healthcare professionals. The Galaxy Tab Active3 passed over 20 MIL-STD-810 durability tests, including several drops, immersion underwater, severe temperatures, and continual vibration. Healthcare workers will appreciate the S Pen stylus, barcode scanning capability, and improved touchscreen, which allows them to operate the device while wearing gloves. The tough tablets also include LTE connectivity, so carers no longer have to rely on Wi-Fi.

Another choice is the Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G, which has an easy-to-read 12.4″ LCD screen and allows patients to simply submit information or sign papers. It also has fast charging and all-day battery life, so carers with multiple visits won’t have to worry about running out of power during their shift. 

These are just a few of the ways in which healthcare tablets are enhancing home healthcare outcomes and the lives of caregivers, physicians, patients, and IT administrators who administer and service these mobile devices.  

Here are five global examples of the benefits that these tablets can provide to your customers in the home healthcare sector:

Telehealth virtual visits in home healthcare

Galaxy tablets include high-quality cameras for telehealth sessions, and carers can make use of Samsung’s partnerships to provide cutting-edge remote care. Clinicians can conduct virtual visits, clinical consultations, and remote patient monitoring using the HIPAA-compliant Caregility platform (RPM). Swift Medical’s Wound Care solution enables remote wound evaluation, which can capture photos, improve healing, and prevent readmissions. 

HIPAA-compliant devices for secure patient information

Samsung Knox security is built into Samsung tablets. The HIPAA-compliant, defence-grade security technology on the tablet isolates business data from personal data, allowing employees to quickly transition between work and personal apps. Knox also enables IT to monitor and secure company data while respecting workers’ privacy. Your customer’s home caregivers remain connected, and patient data remains secure. 

All the apps you need, right at your fingertips

Aside from security, the Knox Suite of device management solutions provides administrators and developers with a set of tools that your clients may use to customise and deploy a purpose-built device across a department or an entire hospital. Your customer’s devices can be customised to supply exactly what carers require to carry out their responsibilities effectively — and nothing they don’t. All of those devices may then be mass registered to adhere to their settings, and they can be updated on a regular basis to guarantee they stay functioning and secure against the most recent threats. This method makes the device more user-friendly and avoids the installation of insecure and needless memory-hogging programmes. 

IT administrators can configure many devices all at once

The cloud-based Knox Configure tool, built on Knox Suite, enables your customer’s IT administrators to remotely provision and configure an entire fleet of Samsung mobile devices swiftly and easily. Knox Configure makes it simple to tailor an off-the-shelf device to a specific business need. They may avoid laborious setup wizards and remove any preinstalled programmes they don’t require thanks to the shortened setup process. Your customers can even imprint their facility’s logo on the device, in addition to having extensive control over everything from connectivity settings and feature restrictions to boot-up animations and home screen customisation, among other things. 

A lost or stolen device can be wiped remotely.

IT administrators can remotely set and alter mobile security settings using Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions such as Knox Manage and Knox Configure. IT maintains control over each device and has the ability to block employees from adding or deleting apps. Administrators can even remotely delete corporate data if a device is lost or stolen. 

Home health aides will continue to play an important role in connected care. Secure, functional tablets can assist them in ensuring that the physician-patient contact is even stronger.

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