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In an unpredictable world, people need business phones and tablets that offer high performance and the best protection, whatever their job. That’s why Samsung offers a range of rugged devices, designed to withstand the most extreme conditions and work environments. They offer peace of mind and the reliability workers expect from Samsung. Plus, everything is backed up by a UK-based service team.

Galaxy Tab Active2

Business doesn’t just happen in the office, so the Galaxy Tab Active2 helps your customers stay productive wherever their work takes them. The slim and lightweight Galaxy Tab Active2 is the perfect tablet for work on and off-site, with a host of productivity-boosting features. But because business can happen anywhere, that’s why the Tab Active2 also boasts a robust anti-shock body. The Tab Active2 keeps businesses moving forward and removes the barriers that block them from being at their most effective.

To learn more about the Galaxy Tab Active2, download the datasheet here.

Galaxy XCover Pro

The Galaxy XCover Pro, a smartphone designed and engineered for frontline workers across a variety of industries around the world. The Galaxy XCover Pro completely re-imagines the enterprise-ready smartphone, delivering a rugged, yet stylish device for both field and customer-facing settings. The Galaxy XCover Pro builds on Samsung Galaxy smartphones’ premium legacy features including an immersive display, long-lasting battery and the protection by Samsung Knox security platform. In addition, the device is enhanced with unique partner-enabled mobility solutions for use in a wide range of business scenarios, including the ability to integrate the newly announced walkie talkie capability in Microsoft Teams.

To learn more about the Galaxy XCover Pro, see the full specifications here.

Galaxy Tab Active Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro is the ideal device to lead the charge towards greater digitisation. Its rugged design enables a wider implementation of the transformational digital solutions that were previously out of reach for many companies and organisations.

Unlike other rugged devices, the Galaxy Tab Active Pro is designed to be versatile yet compact, combining the utility and security of a PC, with rugged features that make it suitable for hostile working environments. Its 10” screen offers the best of both worlds –  portability, while providing the user with generous space to capture, share and transfer information.

The Galaxy Tab Active Pro is the first rugged tablet to feature Samsung DeX, which connects the tablet to a monitor with a single cable for a PC-like experience. Useful for presenting captured data to colleagues for approval or sign-off. Or switch the Tab Active Pro to DeX mode and use the tablet like a PC, without the need for the cable.

The tablet also has defence-grade security built-in to keep sensitive data completely secure and offers bio-authentication tools so that it can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

To learn more about the Galaxy Tab Active Pro, download the datasheet here.

Galaxy XCover 4S

The hard-working business phone. The Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s blends durability with desirability to create an attractive business phone which stands up to the most extreme work environments. In fact, it’s so hardwearing, Samsung only update it every three years—when the latest technology protects it even further. It’s Samsung’s toughest ever business phone.

To learn more about the Galaxy XCover4s, download the datasheet here.

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