Samsung Knox

Stay Connected, Protected and Productive

Built into Samsung mobile devices, Samsung Knox protects all your customer’s data – so they can focus on what matters to them and their business.

Introducing Samsung Knox Suite

An end-to-end solution that covers all your steps throughout your enterprise mobility journey

Including: Knox Platform for Enterprise, Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage, and Knox E-FOTA.

Stay secure, no matter what you do

Every Knox device is built from the hardware chip up to isolate, encrypt, and secure your customer’s data – including confidential files, credit card transactions, passwords, and health data – so they can protect everything they care about.

Your customers can protect their business with a multi-layered defense-grade security platform including advanced security and management features.

Quick and simple out-of-the-box device setup, configuration, rebranding, and enrollment for all enterprise use cases.

Samsung Knox Deploy

Powerful yet flexible cross-platform device control and management of enterprise devices.

Samsung Knox Manage

Focus on your business

The Knox product suite allows your customers enterprise IT admins to address business needs throughout the entire device lifecycle. Easily secure, deploy, and manage mobile devices for business use, while allowing employees to stay productive.

Adapt devices to your needs

Knox enterprise solutions allow customisation, rebranding, and deployment of fit-for-purpose mobile devices. Your customers can transform Samsung devices into their digital brand ambassadors or set up interactive kiosks for retail.

What is Samsung Knox?

Samsung Knox is a combination of a proven security foundation built into Samsung devices, and a mature suite of business solutions leveraging this platform, Secured by Knox.

  • knox-security-platform

    Knox security platform

    The Knox platform is anchored in the actual chipset of the device during the manufacturing stage. Knox protects both businesses and consumers using Samsung phones, tablets, and wearables.

  • knox-security-platform-1

    Knox cloud solutions

    Samsung’s portfolio of Knox cloud solutions allows your customer’s businesses to configure, customize, deploy, and manage their devices to meet various and specific needs.

Secured by Samsung Knox
Secured by Knox

The Knox security platform is built into Samsung devices, securing them from the moment your customers unpack and turn them on.

These devices are Secured by Knox, with multi-layered hardware and software security features that are always enabled. The Knox platform contains overlapping defense and security mechanisms that protect your customers data against intrusion, malware, and malicious threats.

The Knox security platform is also the foundation for various solutions and services, including personal Samsung apps and Knox business solutions.

Look for Samsung products marked with as Samsung’s vouch for security.

  • chip-up-80x80-1
    Chip-up manufacturing

    Samsung designs, manufactures, and validates every piece of hardware that goes into Samsung devices.

  • data-isolation-75x75-1
    Data isolation

    Built into every component, your customer’s sensitive data can be completely isolated in a secure place.

  • data-encryption-70x70-1
    Data encryption

    With the Knox security platform, your customer’s data is stored and remains in an encrypted state, even in the event of theft or loss.

  • run-time-75x75-1
    Run-time protection

    Your customer’s Samsung device is always running in a safe state, blocking any unauthorised access to their phone’s kernel, in real-time.

Advanced platform features

Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise provides advanced security and management features for business users. See the features available for Samsung Android and Tizen wearable devices.

Or learn more about key security features only available on Knox.


Devices supporting Samsung Knox solutions

See Samsung smartphones, tablets, and wearables Secured by Knox, and Knox solutions supported.

Samung Knox is trusted by security experts and government agencies

Knox platform 3.2 received 27 of 30


ratings in Gartner report*

Knox has elevated the perception of Android as a secure, stable, and enterprise-capable mobile operating system across a wide range of use cases. In a 2019 Gartner report*, Knox platform received 27 out of 30 strong ratings.

Knox for Enterprise Mobility

Mobile solutions for IT admins

Samsung Knox offers IT admins a comprehensive enterprise mobility solution portfolio to address business needs throughout the entire device life cycle.


Market-proven security to forward your business.

Because one security hole is all that is needed to take control of the device, Samsung Knox secures your device in every layer and at all times. So you can focus on your business no matter what.

Samsung Knox Secure
  • End-to-end-device-security
    End-to-end device security

    Hardware-based trusted environment ensures device integrity, from manufacturing to booting to runtime.

  • Advanced-and-ever-evolving-security
    Advanced and ever-evolving security

    Knox integrates hardware and software for the highest level of protection – extending capabilities on top of Android Enterprise.

  • Samsungs-security-governance
    Samsung’s security governance

    Security is the guiding principle behind every choice Samsung makes – from research, design, assembly, and manufacturing.


Transform phones, tablets, and wearables into work devices instantly.

Deployment and configuration made easy. As soon as they are powered on, work devices are automatically provisioned, right out of the box.

  • Automated-device-provisioning
    Automated device provisioning

    Just power on the device. Settings are applied instantly, out of the box.

  • Mandatory-EMM-setup-and-configuration
    Mandatory EMM setup and configuration

    IT policies are automatically pushed and activated, making life easier for both IT and device users.

  • Fit-for-purpose
    Fit for purpose

    Transform devices into purpose-built appliances for any industry.


Versatile and comprehensive features for all stages in device management.

With features built to manage all stages of your customer’s device life cycle, ensure their devices for work are always under IT control. Anytime, anywhere, and in any industry.

  • Wide-range-of-IT-policies-and-devices
    Wide range of IT policies and devices

    To meet diverse compliance needs

  • Complete-OS-update-management
    Complete OS update management

    Remotely control OS versions on corporate-owned devices.

  • Available-through-various-partner-solutions
    Available through various partner solutions

    Advanced Knox management features.

Knox for Device Customisation

Mobile solutions for businesses and channels

Customise Samsung devices for almost any business purpose. Knox tools let your customers remotely configure their phones, tablets, and wearables in bulk.

Staging and Kitting

Tools for device resellers and managed service providers

Configure a large number of devices with custom settings and business apps and make them out-of-the-box ready for end-users. Supply different teams with devices ready for work. All done efficiently and inexpensively over the cloud.

Staging and Kitting with Samsung Knox Suite
  • Work-tools-ready
    Work tools ready

    Pre-install required business apps, and remove unwanted apps.

  • Setup-For-Work
    Setup for work

    Pre-configure default device settings and key business apps such as email or browser.

  • End-to-end-device-security
    No additional re-staging

    Configured devices are always tailored again automatically, even after factory reset.

Rebranding with Samsung Knox Suite


Tools for MVNOs (Mobile operators), content providers, and marketers

Samsung Galaxy devices make an enticing offer to your customers. Go one step further with Samsung Knox. Promote and embed their company’s brand on Samsung devices, including animated boot-up screens, customised home and lock screens, their own apps.

With Samsung Knox, any off-the-shelf Samsung devices can turn into a special edition.

  • Preloaded-with-your-apps
    Preloaded with your apps

    Your customers can preload devices with their apps and content, and provide home screen shortcuts to business websites and call numbers.

  • Custom-user-experience
    Custom user experience

    Your customers can set their own boot-up and shut down screens, home and lock screens, wallpaper, and more.

  • Remotely-configured
    Remotely configured

    Devices are delivered to end-users in tightly sealed, mint-condition boxes.


Tools for educators, retailers, hospitality providers, and more.

Fulfill your customer’s unique use cases with Samsung devices and Knox customization capabilities, without heavy investment into dedicated gadgets.

Modify default device behavior, and limit functionality to in-house apps for use in education, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and other industries.

Repurposing with Samsung Knox Suite
  • Locked-to-a-specific-app
    Locked to a specific app

    Fine-tune phones and tablets to single app mode or other business settings during initial device setup.

  • Hardware-keys-remapped
    Hardware keys remapped

    Remap physical buttons on Samsung devices to a specific application or a feature, such as push-to-talk and barcode scanner.

  • Customized-system-UI
    Customised system UI

    Optimize a wide range of device features as needed, hide notification and navigation bars, and change app icons and names.

Our Perspective on Samsung Knox

By Darren Rawlinson, Mobile Solutions Manager

A lot of resellers will come to us and say, “My customer would like to have Samsung Knox”. This is excellent, as it means they’re interested in managing, protecting and securing their mobile devices. But it’s usually a surprise when my answer is “That’s great; what part of Samsung Knox is it they want?”

Samsung Knox isn’t just one piece of software; it’s not even only software. It’s a whole solution from the device chipset right through to defence grade encryption.

Darren Rawlinson

So, let’s start with the device itself

Samsung Knox starts out as a chipset, unique to Samsung devices. Even at the point of manufacture, the security kicks in, with the casing of the chip shredded so no one can know what unique chip is inside the device!

The device is secured from the very moment it’s activated, the hardware checks the software and vice versa, making sure nothing has been hacked. Until you open up the device with your fingerprint or pattern or PIN, everything is encrypted.

Now the opportunity really starts

The range of software allows us to maximise the unique Samsung Knox chipset to its full potential. All the software is accessible and managed by the customer at, and your customer will create their login there.

Knox Mobile Enrolment (KME)

KME is free of charge and doesn’t require a licence. KME enrolls your device, seamlessly over the air, to a given Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. There are many MDM solutions out there, and KME can handle most, if not all.

We load the IMEI of the devices into a master Samsung portal, and they will present themselves within the customers portal. From there, the customer creates a simple profile that will point the device at the MDM solution. When the device powers on for the first time, it calls ‘home’ to Samsung, who instruct the device ‘hey we know you, this is who you belong to’ and sends the profile, as created, to the device. The person holding the device cannot stop this process, it’s nice and simple and all done over-the-air.

Knox Configure

Knox Configure is unique to Samsung as a customisation and configuration solution. Requiring a licence, Knox Configure will change the look, feel and use of a device, to make it your device in the user’s hands. From the home and lock screens fixed with an organisations logo, setting the volume or other features so changes cannot be made, right through to applications being placed on the device or blocked.

Content such as a PDF, maybe a User Guide, and applications can be placed by the administrator exactly where you want them to be on the screen. No other manufacturer allows you to tailor the look and feel of a device like this.

All this is sent over-the-air, and to create the profiles takes just a few minutes of work, using a simple set of menus.

Knox Manage

Knox Manage is Samsung’s’ full MDM solution. Of all the Knox elements, this one isn’t just restricted to just Samsung devices either. Knox Manage stands up to scrutiny against all the other best in class MDM solutions and can manage other Android devices as well as Apple.

Fully featured, this MDM can do all the usual find, lock, wipe etc. of a device and so much more. Using Android Enterprise device management or DEP for Apple, this is a fully-fledged device management tool allowing total control of a device for the administrator. It also includes a simple to use Kiosk Studio, allowing us to create fixed templates of how a device should present itself to the user. Also, we can set device behaviours to change automatically based on the day of the week and even the time of the day, or where the device physically is.


Unique to Samsung devices, Knox E-FOTA allows your customers to control the system updates and security patches the devices receive. All devices are on a FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) server. This is how important updates are sent.

E-FOTA takes Samsung devices ‘off the grid’, and gives the administrator full control of the updates, not only when, but how they are sent to the devices. Maybe only on Sundays, only if there is Wi-Fi and enough battery left; all these parameters can be set.

Knox Platform For Enterprise (KPE)

KPE is where we deliver the defence grade solution. It is a secure container on a Samsung device, essentially giving another device within a device; it could be used to split work and personal use and applications, or more likely, use this separate container (requiring its own PIN or pattern to get into it) for other work applications.

Nothing can move between the ‘standard’ part of the device and the secure KPE folder. If your customer takes a photo while in the secure area. It will not be in the gallery on the standard part of the device, and so on.

All the solutions are available as separate licences and can be combined to provide a solution to fit the customer’s needs. Moreover, a combined package of KME, Knox Manage, E-FOTA and KPE are now available combined (known as ‘Knox Suite’) delivering all the very best of Samsung Knox at an attractive package price.