Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ | Redesigned Intelligent S Pen

Sleek, slim and even more powerful. Rewrite how your customers use their phone with the Samsung Galaxy Note10 family’s redesigned S Pen. Dynamic gesture control lets them think it, write it, sketch it, capture it, and bring their ideas to life with precision and speed.

For the first time, built-in accelerator and gyro sensors give them ultimate control over their world.  All with a flick of the wrist. It’s your customer’s workflow magic wand. Click through presentations, switch between front and rear cameras, zoom in and out to frame and switch media content.

Bluetooth enabled, your customer’s air actions give them intuitive control over their device. Text export allows them to turn their handwriting into text instantly.  Whilst on the go or in meetings,  they can jot down their thoughts then simply tap turning their project into the readable text they can copy, paste and share.

For more information on the Samsung Note10 and 10+, click here.