Samsung Galaxy A9 – meeting customers challenges

How does the Samsung Galaxy A9 meet customers challenges?

“The Screen on my phone isn’t high enough quality for conference calls”

The 6.3” Immersive display with Super AMOLED is ideal for messaging, video calling and multitasking. Coupled with the super-widescreen 18:5:9 aspect, your users can enjoy a clear, bright immersive experience, whatever they’re doing.


“The storage is too small”

The Samsung Galaxy A9 has an impressive 128GB of internal storage, expandable up to 512GB3. So, your customers have plenty of room for all their essential documents, presentations, media and more.


“Entering passwords takes too long to unlock my phone”

The rear fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy A9 gives your customers quick access to their phone. There’s no password to remember, just a simple and secure way to unlock their device.



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