So what does make the Cat S61 the right tool for the job?

As the owner of AJC Plumbing, Anthony has a busy work schedule and relies on good, strong, solid tools, including his phone, to help him be as productive as possible.

The thermal imaging camera is absolutely brilliant.

Having the ability to show a client a blocked or dirty radiator through the thermal camera on the Cat S61, makes Anthony’s job easier. Your customers no longer need to use just touch to identify a problem, and their customers can better understand the problem that needs fixing.

With the Cat S61 in your customer’s hands, they can just point the phone at the radiator and rely on the thermal imaging to see what’s going on inside. The images generated by the thermal camera offer reassurance to customers that Anthony has identified a problem accurately and can provide the most suitable solution.

Laser distance measure makes life so much easier.

The laser-assisted distance measure is an innovative feature unique to the Cat S61 and another “brilliant” tool, says Anthony.

Using this feature, your customers can take a photo of a wall and generate accurate length, width and area measurements to help them plan for when they might need to tile a wall.

The photo captured is saved on the device and can be referenced at any time to help them not only remember the room layout but also to generate more measurements if required.

The ability to calculate length, width and area “makes life so much easier”, explains Anthony.

Rugged Cat S61 is a winning choice for plumbers.

Just based on the rugged features of the Cat S61, this phone is incredibly practical for Anthony and his job as a plumber. As he explains, “Whatever you throw at it, it will withstand.”

The bright and clear torch on the Cat S61 is also worth a mention here. Instead of getting his head torch or hand torch from the van, Anthony can just power up the torch on his phone with only one touch – incredibly useful when inspecting a water tank in dark, cluttered loft spaces. And, the added benefit? “It doesn’t drain too much battery,” says Anthony.

The Cat phone’s perfect for me as a plumber, as it’s a good, strong, rugged phone.

When you combine all these practical, rugged features with the additional tools, like laser-assisted distance measure and thermal camera, you end up with a tool, that is now indispensable to Anthony and makes it the right tool for the job– “You can’t do the job without it.”

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