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Rugged devices have been a business staple in many industries for decades, allowing frontline workers to operate even in the harshest of conditions.

But in that time, they’ve rarely attempted to break out of their niche. They’ve developed a reputation of being specific tools for specific needs, with durability and security coming at the expense of limited functionality, bulky design – and often an eye-watering price tag.

Meanwhile, some businesses have relied on consumer devices, choosing their superior performance, vaster range of features and faster evolution, at the expense of regular damage and failure.

But why does there need to be this divide between rugged and consumer devices? Why can’t there just be a better choice for businesses?

Samsung rugged devices offer peace of mind, reliability and cost-saving

In an unpredictable world, people need business phones and tablets that offer high performance and the best protection, whatever their job.

That’s why Samsung offers a range of rugged devices, designed to withstand the most extreme conditions and work environments. They offer peace of mind and the reliability workers expect from Samsung. Plus, everything is backed up by a UK-based service team.

Galaxy XCover Pro – A Samsung rugged device for the tough worker

The Galaxy XCover Pro, a smartphone designed and engineered for frontline workers across a variety of industries around the world. The Galaxy XCover Pro completely re-imagines the enterprise-ready smartphone, delivering a rugged, yet stylish device for both field and customer-facing settings.

The Galaxy XCover Pro builds on Samsung Galaxy smartphones’ premium legacy features including an immersive display, long-lasting battery and the protection by Samsung Knox security platform.

In addition, the device is enhanced with unique partner-enabled mobility solutions for use in a wide range of business scenarios, including the ability to integrate the newly announced walkie talkie capability in Microsoft Teams.

To learn more about the Galaxy XCover Pro, see the full specifications here.

Galaxy Tab Active Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro is the ideal device to lead the charge towards greater digitisation. Its rugged design enables a wider implementation of the transformational digital solutions that were previously out of reach for many companies and organisations.

Unlike other rugged devices, the Galaxy Tab Active Pro is designed to be versatile yet compact, combining the utility and security of a PC, with rugged features that make it suitable for hostile working environments. Its 10” screen offers the best of both worlds –  portability, while providing the user with generous space to capture, share and transfer information.

The Galaxy Tab Active Pro is the first rugged tablet to feature Samsung DeX, which connects the tablet to a monitor with a single cable for a PC-like experience. Useful for presenting captured data to colleagues for approval or sign-off. Or switch the Tab Active Pro to DeX mode and use the tablet like a PC, without the need for the cable.

The tablet also has defence-grade security built-in to keep sensitive data completely secure and offers bio-authentication tools so that it can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

To learn more about the Galaxy Tab Active Pro, download the datasheet here.

Galaxy Tab Active2

Business doesn’t just happen in the office, so the Galaxy Tab Active2 helps your customers stay productive wherever their work takes them. The slim and lightweight Galaxy Tab Active2 is the perfect tablet for work on and off-site, with a host of productivity-boosting features. But because business can happen anywhere, that’s why the Tab Active2 also boasts a robust anti-shock body.

The Tab Active2 keeps businesses moving forward and removes the barriers that block them from being at their most effective.

To learn more about the Galaxy Tab Active2, download the datasheet here.

Galaxy XCover 4S

The hard-working business phone. The Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s blends durability with desirability to create an attractive business phone which stands up to the most extreme work environments. In fact, it’s so hardwearing, Samsung only update it every three years—when the latest technology protects it even further. It’s Samsung’s toughest ever business phone.

To learn more about the Galaxy XCover 4s, download the datasheet here.

You’ll see how this combination is more than just the sum of its parts—it’s ushering in a frontline revolution as workers become empowered to achieve more than ever before.

Consumer Devices vs Going Rugged

Going rugged, whether your customer’s employees operate on a construction site or the shop floor, there’s one thing these businesses need regardless of their environment: reliability. Standard devices aren’t designed to handle the rigours of these settings and are likely to break quickly due to anything from drops and spills to dust and dirt. 

Meanwhile, rugged devices are specifically built to ensure your employees won’t be let down by their tools when it matters most. And no matter how rugged devices evolve, that core principle will always drive their design. 

So, what kind of credentials do rugged devices offer, and why should you opt for one over a consumer alternative?

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The hard-working business phone. The Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s blends durability with desirability to create an attractive business phone which stands up to the most extreme work environments. In fact, it’s so hardwearing, Samsung only update it every three years—when the latest technology protects it even further. It’s Samsung’s toughest ever business phone.

To learn more about the Galaxy XCover 4s, download the datasheet here.

Why mobility for frontline workers matters

Frontline workers are estimated to make up 80% of the global workforce¹, and yet the vast majority of digital transformation initiatives have so far left these workers behind. This is despite the emergence of a host of new technologies that are revolutionising how these workers operate. 

Organisations that are failing to empower this essential segment of their workforce are missing out on far more than they realise. Study after study has shown that organisations that have equipped these workers with the right technology and unlocked their dormant potential have seen real transformation.

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Rugged devices in Healthcare

Rugged devices in healthcare can form part of the NHS’s long term plan, as providers are expected to advance to a core level of digitisation by 2024.¹

New technology on the frontline will allow medical practitioners to operate far more effectively to save more lives. They’ll be easier to contact in an emergency, able to access patient records at the click of a button and saved from having to re-enter data at a workstation. 

However, in fast-paced medical environments, equipment can face considerable wear and tear, and practitioners can’t afford for their devices to fail them at critical moments.

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If your customers want to unlock productivity gains, they need to ensure that their tools can deliver everything their employees need – one device for all.

The place for rugged devices on the frontline is unlikely to be questioned, but for too long, these tools have had limited application. Users have adopted them to achieve specific goals, but have had to either switch to consumer devices for wider functionality or foregone such capabilities altogether. 

As a result, businesses have faced three equally unappealing options: 

  • Rely on limited rugged tech
  • Risk using consumer devices in extreme environments
  • Pay for both devices for each employee

Fortunately, your customers no longer need to put up with this state of affairs. The newest generation of business devices combines the durability of rugged devices with the full functionality of their consumer counterparts, as well as a range of industry-specific features. Now, your customers can equip their employees with a single Samsung rugged device that meets their every need. 

The construction industry has traditionally veered away from investments in frontline technology.

Its harsh environments have made consumer tech unviable, while expensive and limited rugged devices haven’t offered the benefits to justify the investment. As a result, construction has lagged behind as the least digitised industry in Europe.

However, with supply chain friction increasing, staffing levels wavering and economic uncertainty looming, many are realising its time for a change. One survey found that 81% of respondents across the UK construction industry will be taking more significant leaps to improve their business digitally in the next 12 months. Fortunately, there’s now an abundance of tools to help them do that. 

Samsung rugged devices are comfortably able to take on the demands of construction sites, with features such as anti-shock design and IP68 water and dust resistance. But it’s their functionality that can truly transform your customer’s workforce’s capabilities.

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While protecting vital business data is never easy, it’s especially difficult for frontline employees who face the risks of loss, theft and unauthorised access on a daily basis.

Introducing more devices with greater access to data can, of course, enhance these risks. With around a third of UK businesses suffering a breach or attack in the last year, organisations need to do more to protect their data. That’s why when selecting mobile devices for your customers frontline staff; security must be front of mind.

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The Government Transformation Strategy, which has aimed to digitally transform government services over the last three years, set out a clear aim to deliver ‘joined-up services that run seamlessly across government.’

Part of that transformation will involve connecting emergency services on the frontlines, so they have better access to information and are more flexible and responsive. However, for workers like law enforcement officers, not any device will do.

They need devices that can withstand the knocks and bumps of high-speed car chases, as well as perform reliably in natural disasters and during the aftermath of terrorist attacks.

The newest generation of Samsung rugged devices offers the durability your customers would expect while being lighter and thinner than standard rugged devices, so officers can comfortably carry them throughout a whole shift. 

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