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Introducing the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5

Samsung Galaxy XCover is Samsung’s most compact rugged device.

With a larger screen, longer-lasting battery and bigger memory, the new Galaxy XCover 5 is ready for business on the frontline.

The compact smartphone is built to perform in harsh work environments, so it won’t let your customers down—no matter where they’re working.

Your customers can stay connected and stay productive with the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5

Despite performing mission-critical roles, many frontline employees are disconnected from colleagues and information.

Only 26% of employees who work in more challenging environments have digital devices.1

Frontline employees who use smartphones say they gain an extra 58 minutes of work time each day on average and see an estimated productivity increase of 34%.2

91% of businesses in a recent survey said investing in rugged technology has reduced their long-term company costs.3

The Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 is built to get the job done

Many frontline workers face daily disruptions because they don’t have the right tools or information at arm’s reach. This not only slows them down, but it’s also frustrating.

The solution isn’t just to give them a device—it’s to give them one that will help them get the job done.

73% of frontline workers claim they need to pause or stop work on a regular basis to retrieve information they don’t have at their fingertips.4

Your customers’ device, their way

With the programmable key on the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5, your customers can transform it into a barcode scanner5, a walkie-talkie and more. They can also access these features faster using the customisable shortcut button.

82% of companies that have made the move to digital devices report higher levels of job satisfaction.6

Businesses that connect their people enjoy 32% more production innovation.7

Protection and performance

The high-performance Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 is packed with features that will keep your customers working productively anywhere.

IP68 water and dust resistant8: Built to withstand the most demanding conditions.

Anti-Shock MIL-STD 810G certification9: Military-grade protection for your customers’ phone.

Bigger in-built memory: 4GB+64GB memory gives your customers more space as standard.

Long-lasting battery: The 3000mAh battery can keep your customers going longer.

Simple device management: Your customers can secure, deploy and manage their rugged mobile fleet straight out of the box.

More business, less work with the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5

Enterprise Edition makes it easy for your customers to remotely manage their entire fleet of Samsung Rugged devices. It brings together a complete package of services, security tools and 3 years’ enhanced support, all in one mobile solution. So, their employees can work more reliably, securely and productively, and their business can maximise the value of its investment.

Bigger screen for better viewing

The Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 comes with an impressive 5.3″ HD+ resolution display. Your customers can view everything, including images and videos, with crystal-clear clarity—so they can be certain they’ll never miss even the smallest of details. Even with its large screen, the Galaxy XCover 5 boasts a slimline design. At just 9.2mm, it’s Samsung’s thinnest Rugged device—and it looks just as stylish as any consumer device.

Fast-charge while your customers work

With the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5, charge time doesn’t have to mean downtime. The two POGO pins and 15W fast charging enable your customers to conveniently recharge using a wireless dock10. Your customers can set up docking stations to charge multiple devices at a time and even transfer data, without any disruption to their work. They can even charge devices in an upright position, so they can continue using mission-critical devices.

Quick barcode scanning

With the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5, your customers can scan using the onboard camera—and they can even create a shortcut button to their scanner, using the programmable key. Professional barcode scanning11 and long and short-range RFID reading capabilities are both optimised for fast, accurate data transmission—even in demanding conditions. And all scanned data is directly transferred to business applications, saving your customers time and improving accuracy.

See how your customers can benefit from Knox Capture

You can also download the official Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 product guide HERE

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