Rugged Samsung Tablets

The rugged tablet for any business

Business doesn’t just happen in the office, so the Galaxy Tab Active2 helps your customers stay productive wherever their work takes them. The slim and lightweight Galaxy Tab Active2 is the perfect tablet for work on and off-site, with a host of productivity-boosting features. But because business can happen anywhere, that’s why the Tab Active2 also boasts a robust anti-shock body. The Tab Active2 keeps businesses moving forward and removes the barriers that block them from being at their most effective.


The Tab Active2 is built for rugged work environments, and when tested on a flat surface, the device enclosed in its protective casing can withstand a drop of up to 1.2m– ideal for work in a factory, shop floor, or classroom. And it’s water and dust resistant too, so users can use it when they’re working outdoors or in dusty environments. The tablet even attaches to their dashboard, handling the bumps in the road so your customers can use it to make deliveries.


Users stay productive wherever their work takes them. The handy S Pen can be used to capture digital signatures when making or taking deliveries, or even signing contracts. The Multi-Window feature enables them to work twice as fast too, by allowing them to stack two apps, programs or documents on-screen at the same time.


The Tab Active2 stays secure in and out of the office, with Samsung Knox defence-grade mobile security protecting tablets from cyber-attacks in real-time. Plus, your customers can choose to lock and unlock their tablet using their unique biometric profile, either fingerprint scanning or facial recognition.


Glove Mode and Wet Mode are perfect for when they’re working in cold or wet conditions and need to keep their hands protected. These handy modes save them the hassle of having to keep taking their gloves off to use the Tab Active2. Plus, when they’re working away from a power socket, they can simply replace the tablet’s battery with a fully charged one and carry on getting the job done.

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