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Rugged smart devices should not only be considered for challenging work environments

There are many considerations for all businesses to use smart rugged devices. Being able to tap into a transaction or access data is essential for nearly all real-world company processes.

To avoid any impact on productivity, this needs to be in ‘real-enough’ time to gather information. To make quick decisions or collaborate when it is required, and without delay.

Samsung’s rugged portfolio allows your customers to do this.

Transforming individual lives, and the way services and information are consumed. At work or on the move.

This is where Samsung’s rugged range adds essential value. It is not only about making smart devices more robust so that screens don’t crack when dropped or thrown about, but also about having a durable, or as we would say, ‘business-rugged’ approach to an entire project.

The alternative is to use consumer devices and try to bridge the gaps or make do when things go wrong. On the face of it, this seems a cheaper solution, on a device-by-device basis, but is this enough in a real working environment?

Without a doubt, rugged devices last longer in challenging environments, Fewer business-rugged devices would be broken and replaced than consumer ones. That is simple, easy to measure, and maybe accurate. But, in reality, that’s not where the truth is found.

The cost of lost opportunity, credibility, or other business productivity disruption matters.

This is much harder to quantify directly. Failure of a touchscreen system in an industrial environment may last a few hours. It may not only have direct costs but could also add significant knock-on effects on the rest of the business.

An inability to check patients into a hospitality environment due to a failing device may cause dissatisfaction and loss of precious loyalty, and changing a workflow from digital to manual to cover for a fault can result in incorrect data entry and multiplication of errors.

This is where Samsung smart rugged devices set themselves apart

It is difficult to estimate value in the short term of a device’s life. As this becomes more critical in the lifecycle of the business processes being digitally transformed.

Putting Samsung rugged technology into essential business processes can be an effective and compelling way to transform many of them for justifiable reasons.

For the sake of saving a little upfront, why would any business want to chance disruption? By not looking for a suitably long-lasting and business-rugged solution?

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