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The Government Transformation Strategy, which has aimed to digitally transform government services over the last three years, set out a clear aim to deliver ‘joined-up services that run seamlessly across government.’¹

Part of that transformation will involve connecting emergency services on the frontlines, so they have better access to information and are more flexible and responsive. However, for workers like law enforcement officers, not any device will do. They need devices that can withstand the knocks and bumps of high-speed car chases, as well as perform reliably in natural disasters and during the aftermath of terrorist attacks. The newest generation of rugged devices offers the durability your customers would expect while being lighter and thinner than standard rugged devices, so officers can comfortably carry them throughout a whole shift. 

These rugged devices also boast great processing power to ensure officers get all the support they need. For example, when officers arrive at the scene of an accident or crime, rugged devices – like the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro with its 25MP and 8MP dual camera – can be quickly deployed to photograph or record the incident, take statements from witnesses who can electronically sign documents, or help them scan databases to identifying missing persons. Meanwhile, push-to-talk and emergency request functionality can be programmed to send location data or alerts, eliminating the need for radio dispatch. 

Given the sensitivity of the data that police officers handle every day, it’s important the devices they use are safe and secure when they’re on the move.

Samsung rugged devices are all protected by Samsung Knox, which provides defence-grade security that encrypts the data on the phone so that it’s secure and can’t be accessed by hackers when officers are out and about. This is one of the key reasons why 42 out of 43 police forces across the UK use Samsung devices.

Government Digital Service (2017) The Government Transformation Strategy 2017 to 2020

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