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If your customers want to unlock productivity gains, they need to ensure that their tools can deliver everything their employees need – one device for all. 

The place for rugged devices on the frontline is unlikely to be questioned, but for too long, these tools have had limited application. Users have adopted them to achieve specific goals, but have had to either switch to consumer devices for wider functionality or foregone such capabilities altogether. 

As a result, businesses have faced three equally unappealing options: 

• Rely on limited rugged tech 

• Risk using consumer devices in extreme environments 

• Pay for both devices for each employee 

Fortunately, your customers no longer need to put up with this state of affairs. The newest generation of business devices combines the durability of rugged devices with the full functionality of their consumer counterparts, as well as a range of industry-specific features. Now, your customers can equip their employees with a single device that meets their every need. 

Faster training

A large chunk of the rugged market has traditionally run their devices on Windows Mobile operating systems. However, these operating systems are largely non-existent in the consumer market, accounting for 0.1% of the market share.¹ As a result, employees have had to get to grips with an entirely new system when transitioning to these machines. 

New Android-powered devices can alleviate these issues, allowing employees to use the system that the vast majority (72.3%) are familiar with in their personal lives.² More importantly, they provide new employees with a vast array of tools for learning on the job, including augmented reality (AR) solutions. Certain devices, like the Galaxy Tab Active Pro, can use the built-in camera to display the workspace in a whole new augmented way, providing new employees with an engaging on-site learning experience.³

Improved connectivity

With one device for all their needs, workers can remain connected to the information they require at all times. Construction workers can pull up plans on-site, retail employees can check stock without leaving a customer’s side, and healthcare professionals can access patient files at the click of a button. Data collected in the field can even be streamed directly to the cloud, rather than having to input back at the office manually. And with access to collaboration and communication tools, frontline workers can keep in constant touch with their co-workers and managers, ensuring there’s no delay in decision making. Devices like the Samsung XCover Pro even enable Push to Talk communication, so workers can instantly chat with colleagues or send them messages over Microsoft teams⁴ by holding down the hotkey.

One device for all like the Samsung XCover Pro even enables Push to Talk communication, so workers can instantly chat with colleagues by holding down the hotkey.

Unlimited functionality

Say goodbye to limited software choices and restricted employees. With Android-powered devices, your customer’s workforce can utilise the full spectrum of applications on offer. Users won’t have to return to the office to manage their emails, access company databases or engage with HR systems. Meanwhile, built-in barcode scanners, mPos functionality⁵ and styluses provide workers with the key functionality they previously turned to specialist devices for, so they’ll always have the tools they need – and business doesn’t need to stop for anything.

Minimal expense

Of course, all of this means your customer’s employees can perform their role from a single, long-lasting device. Combined with cloud solutions, their employees can access vital information and perform essential functions at any time and any place. Software solutions, like Samsung DeX,⁶ are even allowing employees to extend their mobile devices to a larger screen, whether they’re in the office or working remotely. So, they can benefit from the efficiency of a workstation without having to transition to a completely different device, and your business can save on expensive and underutilised desktop computers.

Software solutions, like Samsung DeX, are even allowing employees to extend their mobile devices to a larger screen, whether they’re in the office or working remotely.


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1 Statcounter (March 2020) Mobile Operating System Market Share Worldwide
Installation of Google ARCore Application required.
Microsoft Teams application and license required.
Additional software required to take payments directly on a device.
Only available on Tab Active Pro.

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