Rugged Smartphones

Protection from the harshest of environments and the toughest of bacteria.

Cat phones have taken their dependable and durable Cat S42 smartphone and injected its military-grade body with Addmaster’s Biomaster silver ions to help fight bacteria to the ISO 22196 standard. Combined with the ability to regularly clean and sanitise the device, this antimicrobial treatment sets a new standard in hygienic phone design.

Beyon Rugged

The Cat S42 H+ has gone beyond the rugged phone design your customers know and expect from a Cat phone. They took the Cat S42’s IP69 rated, military-grade body and enhanced it with silver ions that fight the growth of bacteria. So, no matter how dirty things may get, your customer’s phone will always be there for them.

Reliable equipment can mean the difference between life and death. That’s why Cat has combined IP68 military-grade casing with silver ions giving your customers a rugged phone that is hard on bacteria.

Hygiene Plus – Fight Dirty. Stay Clean

As well as being antibacterial, the Cat S42 H+ is an Easy Clean smartphone in an integrated resilient body. It doesn’t need an additional protective case which trap and accumulate germs. An essential hygiene detail for those who must keep on working.

Cleaning Tests – Wash Again and Again

Like all Cat phones, the Cat S42 H+ is part of the Hygiene Plus innovation. Meaning, that as a waterproof phone not only can it be fully submerged in warm soapy water and repeatedly washed, but it has been put under extreme clean testing. Including bleach wipe tested 3000 times, pressurised alcohol tested and tested using real-world chemical mixtures such as hand sanitiser. So your customers can clean it worry-free.


Deliberately designed, utterly dependable. Cat has designed the Cat S42 H+ for reliability in extreme situations.

Inspired by the iconic caterpillar tracks that made CAT famous, the Cat S42 H+ keeps working in the most extreme of conditions. The rubberised backing gives excellent grip, and its rugged build gives your customers protection against drops, dust and water.

Audio Jack

Featuring the universal 3.5mm Headphone Jack so your customers can use their headphones without the need for an adapter.


Micro USB / USB 2.0

Charging Cable

In line with global efforts to reduce e-waste, Cat is proud to be one of the first professional mobile manufacturers to follow the consumer market’s lead and no longer distribute plugs as standard. The Cat S42 H+ will ship with a widely compatible charging cable only in the box.

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