Rugged Smartphones

CAT S42. The essential work phone

CAT S42 is a remarkable workhorse. Whether your customer is a first-responder or keyworker keeping us safe. Or a construction worker who needs something tough enough to survive the rigours of a building site, day after day.

CAT’s latest rugged smartphone is the definition of resilient and reliable.

Introducing the new CAT S42

CAT knows that reliable equipment can mean the difference between life and death.

That’s why they combine military-grade technology with lessons learned from their customers in the field.

Your customers can take the S42 with them anywhere and everywhere. It’s built tough to help you thrive in challenging outdoor work situations and extreme leisure pursuits alike.

The S42 is an Easy Clean smartphone in an integrated resilient body. It has no need for additional protective cases that trap and accumulate germs. An essential hygiene detail for those who must keep on working.

Tested to Cat phones’ demanding rugged standards, the S42 can handle itself in any environment you throw yourself into.

To achieve its IP68 and MIL-SPEC 810H ratings it surpasses rigorous dust and waterproof testing. Integrated into a non-slip resilient casing we’ve drop tested the S42 onto every side and corner, repeatedly.

Tested to our demanding rugged standards the S42 is a phone you can rely on.

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