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Data Select’s 22nd Platinum Club Conference, By Far The Biggest and Best One Yet!

Fergal Donovan (MD, Data Select) Opening the 22nd Platinum Club Conference.
Fergal Donovan (MD, Data Select) Opening the 22nd Platinum Club Conference.

On the 17th March, we welcomed over 120 members and over 30 leading mobile and tech brands to our 22nd Platinum Club Conference. Held at the Crowne Plaza in Marlow, Platinum Club Conference members experienced a morning of engaging updates from Alcatel, BlackBerry, Samsung and Sony before breaking for lunch.


Andy Watts and Tony Harris engaged members with an update on their new brand before continuing to run through a diverse and exciting portfolio of smartphone, phablet, smartwatch, Tablet and connected life solutions.


Daniel Morrison-Gardiner opened for BlackBerry to provide a good understanding of the enterprise opportunity and how bolstered by the Good Technology acquisition, they are primed to address many segments of the market and provide a host of tools and marketing support for the channel. We expect an update on their device roadmap in Q2.


Vinny Robertson and Conor Dempsey articulated the Samsung for Business story with great insight into the Samsung KNOX platform, their comprehensive portfolio of devices, including the recently launched Galaxy S7, Gear VR headset and Gear 360 camera. The portfolio presented a fantastic opportunity touching many segments of the market.


Stephen Hunter provided more detail around their recently announced Xperia X and Xperia XA devices due in Q2, as well as how through Sony’s ecosystem, they are able to serve many enterprise segments. 

Market Place at the Platinum Conference features the latest technology
Market Place at the Platinum Club Conference features the latest technology


Throughout the afternoon each and every member had the opportunity to engage with our brand partners and see the latest products and services available to drive additional revenues and create points of differentiation within our Platinum Club Conference Marketplace.

From the exciting S60 thermal imaging device from CAT, through to the innovative wireless charging solutions from Aircharge, members got to experience all products.

Our Mobile Solution partners included SOTI, who deliver a suite of enterprise mobility management tools, as well as Henry Howard Finance and Supercover who partner with us to deliver mobile and tech focussed B2B finance and insurance propositions.

The likes of Acer, Kazam, Wileyfox, Honor and HTC also had their latest devices on display in Marketplace.

Mobile Solutions

Continuing with Mobile Solutions, which was introduced in October 2015, members could experience the many margin enhancing solutions that this team can now offer. From Mobile Device Management (BlackBerry, SOTI and Samsung KNOX), encryption security and a host of vertically focused mobile software providers, right through to B2B finance, insurance, buyback, trade-in and enterprise portal, we now offer our reseller customers many ways to enhance a standard device sale and create points of differentiation.

Our new range of publications featuring VR, Connected Life and Drones.

Exciting New Categories

Continually looking to evolve the conference, we introduced 3 new and exciting categories; VR, Connected Life and Drones. As well as major interest from our key retail partners, many of our B2B members could also see, for example, how VR has a clear part to play in the business sector, as well as our ‘connected office’ proposition.

Showcasing part of our comprehensive VR and Drone range.


With a dedicated VR zone, members could experience a number of virtual reality solutions from our brand partners, as well as a small number of members able to experience the premium HTC Vive VR solution, which blew away all who experienced it with its fully immersive capability.

Connected Life

Smart Street Portal showcasing our Connected Life proposition.

Set up to replicate a funky lounge, our Connected Life zone enabled members to see some of the tech that is being rolled out in many homes across the UK, from wireless charging coffee tables and lamps to smartphone controlled lighting, security and sensors. Members were invited to interact with the room, controlling it from every aspect to understand the benefit of a Connected Home. 

Additionally we took members through ‘Smart Street’, our online portal that aids our retail and B2B customers to range and sell connected solutions to their end customers.


Who could have missed the many drones we had on display in the reception of the Crowne Plaza and with favourable weather for the day, as the conference drew to a close, members were treated to a Drone flying experience by DJI on the back lawn.

St Patricks Evening at the Platinum Club Conference

Networking The Fun Way

The event culminated with an evening meal and Irish themed entertainment, to celebrate the event being held on St Patricks Day and provided the perfect platform to network and reflect on the huge potential the increasingly evolving mobile and tech markets offer.

We look forward to welcoming our members back to what will be our 23rd Platinum Club event in October.


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