Mobile broadband plans for it and enterprise

I.T. and Enterprise Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is ultimately going to thrive in I.T. and Enterprise.

Mobile broadband plans have seen many changes in the market over the last few years, especially in the I.T. and Enterprise sector. New devices and tariff options have been introduced for getting connected out of the workplace. Opportunities are opening up for operators, manufacturers, and resellers. And increasingly more customers are taking out contracts to support the mobile connection of a secondary device.

The picture of the device market is changing.

The tablet market evolution at the start of the decade had a direct impact on the broadband market. This produced several methods of broadband connection in the UK. SIMs and tariffs for tablets were born, as an alternative to the usual connection of a laptop through a dongle, and subsidising a customer’s tablet purchases attached to monthly mobile broadband tariffs, became an increasingly popular purchase method. 

These plans today allow data roaming of the device and reduce the up-front cost of an often expensive 3G/4G/5G capable piece of hardware. Hardware resellers are now benefitting from broadband sales and mobile networks, which allows them to create a value-added service to their existing customer base. And the ability to acquire new customers with an all-round package.

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MiFi development has been a significant catalyst for this trend. 

The localised hotspot enables multiple devices to be connected, which compliments the high ownership rate of tablets and other mobile devices in the UK. Increasing demand to use devices when out of the workplace. 

Devices to get connected in the car, and cameras that allow live streaming on mobile broadband plans, have continued to drive the growth of the dongle contract market. As this area continues to develop and innovate, there will always be a significant demand for connectable devices, to be sold alongside a mobile broadband tariff.

What is mobile broadband?

Mobile broadband is wireless access to the internet, which uses a mobile phone network via 3G, 4G, and now 5G. You gain access by using a dongle, USB modem, or MiFi unit. No cables mean it’s easy to use, as long as you are in an area with coverage. Mobile broadband will give you online access on-the-go.

Mobile broadband works through connecting your laptop or tablet to the internet through 3G, 4G or 5G technology, accessed using a dongle or MiFi. Once you have chosen your provider and plan. Connect your dongle or MiFi to your tablet or laptop. And of you go!

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