New Innovations

Partnering with leading suppliers of cutting edge technologies.

New technology & innovation

For years we’ve been partnering with leading suppliers of cutting edge technologies; and in many cases, appointed on an exclusive basis to supply new waves of mobile consumption – cue JCB Toughphone.

Mobile has been paired with countless new technologies over recent years and where new innovations genuinely enhance the mobile experience; we take the proposition to market.

The development of Mobile Device Management has seen Data Select become the partner of choice for SOTI, a worldwide leader in this technology.

Ultimately, our pragmatic approach and ability to ‘think like a customer’ helps when determining which technologies to range – so rest assured that when we promote a new opportunity, it won’t be technology for technology’s sake.

Product Development and Sourcing

Data Select is not just about sourcing the cheapest products at the cheapest prices available. Instead we use a highly renowned industrial design company, to constantly evolve and evaluate our own brand accessory product offerings in order to ensure we are developing cutting edge and desirable product offerings. Data Select then use these as the basis for sourcing and select manufacturers on their ability to meet these design requirements along with a number of other stringent criteria.

Data Select has relationships with a number of key factories in the Far East, supplying all areas of mobile phone accessories from Power through to Bluetooth. Some of our suppliers have been working with us now for 10 years, supplying in excess of 400K units per year.

Some key facts:

  • Data Select have purchased almost 500K units of companion products in the last year.
  • Data Select has strong relationships with all category suppliers spanning 10 years.
  • Data Select is constantly reviewing its supply partners, not only on the grounds of cost and supply but also their business ethics.