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MOSO23 Event

The second day of November marked a significant milestone in the world of mobile solutions, as we hosted our highly anticipated MOSO23 event. This event showcased the latest advancements in the mobile sector, offering resellers a chance to discover new opportunities for their customers to drive productivity, improve security, all leading to greater affordability. Held at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel and Conference Centre, the event brought together industry experts, our brand partners, and resellers, creating the perfect platform for networking and exchanging knowledge.


Unparalleled Support

The MOSO23 event was a resounding success with the presence and support of our valued customers, brand partners, and our dedicated team. Even in the face of adverse weather conditions, the attendees demonstrated their commitment to exploring the event’s core themes: Productivity, Security, and Affordability.

Sponsors Who Brought the Vision to Life

A special thank you also goes out to our two main sponsors, Samsung and Google, who took to the stage and brought their B2B ecosystems to life in a dynamically evolving mobile sector. These tech giants showcased their latest innovations and solutions, which had a profound impact on the attendees.

An Ecosystem of Innovation in our MOSO23 Solutions Zone

At the heart of our MOSO23 event was our ‘Solutions Zone,’ where many of our brand partners demonstrated how their products and services could enhance our core device offerings. Samsung, Google, 42Gears, Bastion Insurance, Freshwave, HPE Financial Services, Iris IoT Solutions, Mainstream Digital, Motorola, Otterbox, PanzerGlass, SOTI, TCL, and Teksmart were all instrumental in bringing this space to life. Each of these partners contributed an extra dimension, highlighting key points of differentiation and margin-enhancing opportunities.

A Special Thank You to Our Inspiring Guest Speakers

MOSO23 featured exceptional guest speakers, including Adam Brown, Barry Hall, Darren Rawlinson, Freddie Yeandle, Jonny Stewart, Sudhir Chadaga, Richard Insley, Brendan Hourihane, Mike Dewey, and Stephen Westley. Each speaker added their unique propositions to the event’s three core themes, shedding light on Productivity, Security, and Affordability in the mobile sector.

An Expert Panel on MDM

The Mobile Device Management (MDM) expert panel brought abundant experience and knowledge to the event. The informative and lively discussion captivated the audience, offering insights into the future of mobile solutions and how to navigate the sector’s complexities effectively.

Exploring Opportunities in the Mobile Sector at MOSO23

MOSO23 was a hub of knowledge and innovation, providing resellers with a glimpse of the endless possibilities in mobile solutions. Focusing on Productivity, Security, and Affordability, they left the event armed with insights and strategies to embrace the ever-evolving world of mobile technology, with the full support of our award-winning team.

As we reflect on this remarkable event, it’s evident that MOSO23 has created a platform for our resellers to take advantage of the latest advancements in mobile solutions and support them in meeting the precise needs of their customers. In a world where staying ahead in the mobile sector is crucial, our second Mobile Solutions Partner Event was a guiding light for resellers and tech enthusiasts alike.

The future of mobile technology has never looked more promising.

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