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How would you feel about earning extra money for your old gadgets, funding new devices and donating to our environmental and conservation charity?

With our Trade-in service, you can benefit from exactly this.

Trade in any device on our platform and we will donate 5% of the trade in value to our chosen charity.

Every day trade-in steps.

Step 1

Sign our terms to become a reseller and then obtain a login to our Trade-in portal

Step 2

Use the portal to obtain a valuation of the device/s traded in

Step 3

If you are happy with the valuation, please complete the details on the page and follow the instructions

Step 4

You or your customer dispatch the devices and we will confirm once they have been received

Step 5

Once they have been assessed and approved, you invoice Data Select for payment

Why use our Trade-in service?

Simple to use portal with straight-forward questions that determine the valuation, instruction and process. Watch out for promotional codes that enhance the valuation and increase donations to charitable organisations!

The benefits.

  • Helps to provide end-to-end services and win opportunities
  • Obtains values for devices that aids the next deployment
  • Provides certified data wiping of business devices for customers
  • Provides a sustainable model – reduces carbon footprint!

Making a difference.

Additional 5%

…of total trade-in valuation donated to Environmental and Sustainability charities


Annual certificate
received charting total contributions

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