An outdoor mobile signal is often unavailable indoors!

Freshwave offers a pioneering in-building mobile connectivity proposition as a managed service that is approved by O2, Three, EE and Vodafone.

The solution will work even if there is no outdoor mobile coverage, as long as the customer has a fibre broadband connection into their building.

This solution is mobile connectivity as a managed service.

The networks of the future are here.

Enabling smarter cities, mobile signal inside buildings, wireless wherever your customer live, work and play.

Where has this
approach been used?

This solution has been deployed in the following areas:

  • An estate or single building (like a business park or coworking site)
  • Skyscraper or low rise buildings (like offices or self-storage units)
  • Public or private use (like hospitals or retirement villages)
  • Commercial or residential (like stadiums or premium developments)

Assure your customers’ connectivity.

Factory workers
and machinery.

Connect machines, factory workers and technology for better efficiency.

Spectators, tourists
and guests.

Connecting stadiums, hotels, leisure and theme parks.

Communities and public
sector workers.

Connecting councils, local areas and communities to better services.

Telecoms customers.

Connecting telecoms customers and MNOs.

Enterprises and

Connecting businesses, employees and visitors.

Property owners
and tenants.

Connecting properties by providing excellent service for landlords.

Passengers and

Connecting trains, planes and automobiles, travellers and operators.

Patients and

Connecting hospitals, GPs, patients and healthcare.

Property developers
and landlords

Connecting retail, homes, offices and retail for the future needs.

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