B2B Finance.

Finance in the mobile world has evolved immensely and Device as a Service (DaaS) is increasingly becoming the norm

Changes in the way that airtime commissions are paid by the networks is one of the main reasons why finance options are being considered by resellers, especially to offset the impact of initial hardware costs in any airtime deals.

Resellers that regularly use finance options have overcome the initial scepticism of customers signing two agreements and receiving two bills.

However, finance is not just about cashflow and affordability of hardware it is about the presentation of a service wrap, a Device as a Service (DaaS) that provides great attachment, loyalty and upgrade paths to successful renewal.

Traditionally, finance is perceived to be a difficult sell with many barriers until you reach the final acceptance. As a distributor, we need to choose partners that understand all of the above and provide the best commercial propositions and approval process.

These options include standard finance leases and also residual value models.

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