// Android Enterprise Essentials

Protect your customer's devices and data with ease

Critical security at an affordable price.

Android Enterprise Essentials is a lighter, leaner secure management service from Google. Designed to make it easier for your customer’s company to protect and manage its mobile devices. Android Enterprise Essentials does the hard work of securing their data for them. Their devices come protected, right out of the box.

Easy, automatic security.

Android Enterprise Essentials offers key features to keep devices and data protected. These features are activated by default and can’t be turned off by employees.

Get users
working right away.

Remote setup. Easy management.

There’s no need to manually activate each device. Your customer can just purchase devices and have employees power them on.


  • Remote device activation lets users start working from wherever they are
  • Policies are applied automatically, so there’s no need to configure any settings for employees
  • Businesses can remotely wipe devices and reset screen locks, so data stays protected if the device is lost or stolen

Streamlined for your customer’s business.

Simple. Straightforward.

Android Enterprise Essentials gives your customers the key features they need without added complexity, so they can protect their devices with minimal effort.


  • Built for businesses with lighter management needs
  • Essentials doesn’t require a dedicated team to keep business data secure
  • Businesses can access an efficient solution at a low monthly cost*

*Prices may vary by region and reseller. Please contact us for specific pricing information available in your region.

Simple but secure device
management for all Android devices.

Android Enterprise Essentials.

  • An entry-level MDM solution
  • Can sit alongside a main MDM solution
  • A temporary measure while considering an MDM solution
  • A building block for MDM

Aimed at those customers without the mature IT support in their business, that requires simple but secure device management.

We support the complete Android for Business journey.

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