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A great opportunity for businesses – 10 Ways to improve productivity

There’s never been a better time for British SMBs to adopt new technologies and begin their journey to a more productive future. Those that do will find that not only are they more competitive and profitable, but that everything from exporting to attracting new staff becomes easier.

The first steps on this journey can indeed seem daunting. But there’s plenty of support out there and embracing this brave new world has never been easier. The companies that do choose to adopt this always-on philosophy are those that will thrive —and discover that nothing succeeds like success. They will become part of a more productive future.

10 Ways improve productivity

  1.  Think about whether your employees are engaged or not.
  2. Look at the areas where people seem to be performing and delivering—and where they aren’t. What separates them?
  3. Think about how processes and communication can allow people to work at their best. Can technology help you remove obstacles that stand in the way of productivity? For instance, Cloud-based apps might make sharing documents far easier.
  4. Talk to the staff. Ask them what they want and what problems do they have? Are there any tech solutions they use informally that may have wider applicability?
  5. Talk to your peers—what are they doing to improve productivity?
  6. Look for examples of best practice across the board. Many tech solutions have broad applicability, and the best ideas may come from businesses in very different fields.
  7. Use industry organisations and government bodies to access these skills and advice.
  8.  Remember that many staff, and particularly younger staff, expect great technology. Providing them with the right tech to do their jobs can act as a recruitment tool.
  9. Take a sensible view of cost. For most businesses, staff salaries are far more expensive than technology.
  10. Look at your business context. Do your clients and suppliers use specific tech solutions? Can you integrate your technology with theirs to drive efficiencies and deliver savings?

Samsung case study – PawSquad

PawSquad is a 24/7 online vet service founded by Dr Mark Boddy. It meets a clearly defined need by offering an out of hours vet service, recognising that many pet owners struggle to find the time to take their pet to vets.

The insight here was that many people just wanted to talk to an expert to assess their pet’s problem. Much like doctor’s appointments, many vet consultations can be done and the problems resolved by video chat—which is more efficient for both parties. PawSquad allows owners to book one-off consultations or become premium members.

“By using our platform, they can integrate [PawSquad] with their own direct to consumer service and can use the platform to provide a 24/7 service.” Mark Boddy – Founder of PawSquad

Because the service is provided via smartphone, it means pet owners can get a consultation at any time and from any place with a phone signal. They effectively have a vet in their pocket. For vets who work long hours, it also offers benefits in terms of efficiency, convenience and organisation.

“Most vet practices struggle with how to bring in innovation and don’t know how to use it or where to access it,” explains Dr Boddy. “Practice management systems are fairly basic with vaccination reminders triggered by date—whereas new CRM systems are emerging to manage the whole experience more effectively.”


This editorial from Samsung highlights the productivity issues that SMBs face and reveals how embracing new technologies will help them to thrive in an increasingly fast-paced and competitive business environment.

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