Meet the new Samsung Galaxy Watch

Meet the new Samsung Galaxy Watch

Powering productivity on the go (stay ahead)

With the Samsung Galaxy Watch you’re always on. Carry your working day with you conveniently; respond to emails, make calls(1), check your diary and flick through presentation slides using Samsung Flow(2) to seamlessly connect your watch with your PC. Plus you have access to a range of connected apps such as Spotify(3).

Powering your day and night

With a battery that lasts up to 7 days(4), the Samsung Galaxy Watch can keep up with you and your lifestyle. Increased power and 4GB memory means you can seamlessly switch from work to lifestyle apps and back again. With the Digital Assistant and Smart Scheduling you have an essential business tool that helps you manage your day.

Powering your business (through health and wellness)

Stay motivated and don’t let work get in the way of wellness. Monitor your health and fitness and stay connected to work, whether you’re cycling, swimming or working on the move.


Battery Life

With up to 4 day’s battery life from a single charge on the 42mm model, and up to 7 days on the 46mm model*, the Samsung Galaxy Watch can keep up with the most hectic work life—whether you’re working long shifts, late nights or away on business. And while your recharging, the Galaxy Watch keeps going.
*Based on light usage


The Galaxy Watch allows you to stay connected even when your phone is out of reach. Your working day is all there on your wrist. Get notifications, respond to emails, make calls and even check your diary*. And you can access your favourite Spotify** playlists—just connect your wireless headphones and you’re good to go. With the Galaxy Watch, you can stay productive and entertained, no matter where work takes you.
*Bluetooth connection to a smartphone or 4G model required **Pre-installation of Spotify app and Spotify Premium required


The Galaxy Watch can keep up with your busy lifestyle with GPS coverage. Track your movements and location, whether you’re running to work or checking your route. It also transmits field worker location details, so your office can keep track of you when you’re in the field—enhancing your safety and giving you greater peace of mind.

Unlock Windows, PC and tablet – Samsung Flow

The Galaxy Watch uses Samsung Flow to connect to your tablet, phone and share files. Sync everything easily, set up notifications and seamlessly manage your life.

Powered by Knox

The Galaxy Watch runs on the Tizen operating system and is secured by Samsung Knox—our defence-grade security platform built from the chip up, so you can be sure your data is always protected. The Galaxy Watch also supports Samsung Pay*—our fast, secure mobile pay service—enabling you to make fast, easy payments. So, you grab a coffee or train ticket quickly, making your commute that bit easier.
*Available with participating networks, banks and merchants on selected devices, on NFC terminals. A limit of £30 may apply, based on merchant policies. Corporate cards currently not in scope.

5ATM/50m Water resistant

With water resistance up to 50m, the Galaxy Watch keeps you connected when working outside in the rain and tracks your fitness when you’re exercising, swimming, or even in the shower.*
*Galaxy Watch has ISO 22810:2010 certification for 5 ATM rating of 50 metres (165 feet) under specific conditions. This means that both devices are safe to wear while walking in the rain or showering, and may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean. However, the Galaxy Watch should not be used for scuba diving, water-skiing, or other activities involving high-velocity water or submersion below shallow depth.

Gorilla Glass

The Galaxy Watch is designed to withstand the toughest environments—whether you’re working in the field, around heavy machinery or exposed to the elements. The super-tough Gorilla Glass DX+ display is scratch resistant and anti-reflective, so you always get a clear view—no matter where life takes you.

4GB of storage

From apps to pictures, or your favourite music and playlists, the Galaxy Watch’s 4GB memory gives you more than enough space to store your essential files.

More processing power

Despite its size, the Galaxy Watch’s processing power is big enough to keep up with you and your business. The cutting edge processor allows you to switch between apps seamlessly, and download files quickly.

Smart Scheduling

Always be in the right place at the right time with Smart Scheduling. Live updates show if meeting times or locations have changed. And live updates help you count down to your next appointment.

Digital Assistant

Start and end your day the right way with the Galaxy Watch’s digital assistant. Get briefed on your day’s schedule and even the weather, helping you focus and prepare. And with a review at the end of the day, you can see what’s lined up for tomorrow—so you’re always one step ahead.

S Health

Stay balanced and healthy, even when work is hectic. With 4 sensors built in, the S Health app keeps track of your sleep, stress levels and heart rate—helping you stay fit, motivated and energised.

AutoFitness Tracking

The Galaxy Watch features AutoFitness, an automatic tracker that starts when you start. When you go for a bike ride or head out for a run, the Galaxy Watch starts tracking you straight away. Up to 40 activities can be tracked and recorded, so you know exactly how you’re doing—and because it starts automatically, you’ll never forget to track your session.


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(1) Bluetooth connection to a smartphone or 4G model required

(2) Pre-installation of Samsung flow required

(3) Pre-installation of Spotify app and Spotify Premium required

(4) 46mm model only, based on light usage

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