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Darren Rawlinson’s knowledge is second to none.

Mobile solutions specialist Darren Rawlinson was asked by Nice Network, to discuss and demonstrate our leading EMM solution SOTI, to various elements of the NHS and healthcare in Sunderland.

One area to commit to SOTI EMM was a project running a solution called Luscii, which allows elderly patients in isolation to remain connected to their healthcare service providers without having to visit their GP.

All Together Better Sunderland. A partnership of the health and social care services in the city, piloted the Luscii app last month.

Luscii gives a range of health and social care professionals rapid virtual access to patients with debilitating breathing difficulties. This allows them to monitor their condition. Ensuring that all aspects of their health and wellbeing are taken care of.

Nice Network provided connectivity and unlimited data SIM cards for the All Together Better devices.

Also, they installed SOTI, Data Select’s mobile device management solution. Used to assist the deployment to the Apple iPad devices. Which provided All Together Better with a secure platform, that allowed them to manage and control the devices remotely.

With the devices being locked down, this allowed for ease of use by the patient. Allowing access to just the features they required.

The COVID-19 situation has meant the deployment of the solution has ramped up markedly. Which we have supported.

Terry Lewis, business development manager at Nice Network, said:

“The increasing spread of the coronavirus has left those with debilitating breathing problems among the most vulnerable in society and programmes like this are crucial to ensuring they get the support they need in what are incredibly challenging conditions.

We’ve had to work closely with the teams at All Together Better. To ensure each device has the connectivity required to register their devices. As well as getting them online. We created a simple how-to guide, to help people understand how to use them effectively”.

“It’s been a real team effort by everyone involved.”

Speaking about the partnership with Data Select, Geoff Burns, head of sales at Nice Network, added:

“Darren is one of those people who I can count on. In a business where we are completely reliant on the quality of our chosen suppliers, Darren has never let us down.

His knowledge is second to none. And the support he gives us in the field and at the end of the phone. Usually well after he should be answering the call of an evening! Is great and on-point every time. My team has come to trust Darren completely.

We endeavor to put Darren in front of, and on the phone to our prospects and customers, as much as we can. It not only wins us business but also helps us retain it. They’re a fantastic organisation to partner with.”

All Together Better has now expanded the Luscii platform from its 50 patient pilot programme to support an additional 250 patients.

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