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While protecting vital business data is never easy, it’s especially difficult for frontline employees who face the risks of loss, theft and unauthorised access on a daily basis.

Introducing more devices with greater access to data can, of course, enhance these risks. With around a third of UK businesses suffering a breach or attack in the last year, organisations need to do more to protect their data.¹ That’s why when selecting mobile devices for your customers frontline staff; security must be front of mind.

Minimal expense

A new generation of devices has security built into the hardware. Many come with security platforms, but leading the pack is Samsung Knox. It offers a multi-layered, military-grade defence. All data is securely encrypted by default using a government-certified encryption module, and personal data can be isolated entirely within a device. It’s even designed to block any attempts at tampering, from boot-up, runtime, and when powered off. 

Considering instances of mobile ransomware increased by 33% last year,² it’s vital that organisations extend their security measures to their mobile devices. That’s why police, military and security services across the world rely on Samsung Knox.

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Simple management

Mobile device management solutions can help to ensure consistency and control across your customer’s entire mobile fleet. You can guarantee your customers that all software, from the operating system to applications, are kept up to date, without any user involvement. With 60% of breaches in 2019 due to unpatched known vulnerabilities,³ this will drastically reduce the risks their business faces.

You can also ensure them that security settings remain consistent and untampered across their fleet, while monitoring and, if necessary, limiting user access and behaviour, for instance, by blacklisting apps or websites. With 1 in 35 mobile devices having a high-risk app installed,⁴ it’s essential that they put some limitations on what their employees can access.

Samsung Knox’s Configure and Manage modules provide your customers with these abilities and more. They’ll gain simple yet comprehensive control of their fleet, so they can track, adjust and update their security policies on the fly.

Guaranteed authentication with mobile device security

Even with the best employee security training in the world, your customers always face the risk that their workers fail to take passwords seriously. Whether they choose a weak password or record theirs in an insecure location, traditional authentication can all-too-easily be overcome – and cybercriminals know this. According to Verizon, 29% of breaches in 2019 involved the use of stolen credentials.⁵

Today’s devices can augment your customer’s password security with biometric authentication, such as face and fingerprint recognition. So even if a password falls into the wrong hands, they can be sure their data won’t.

Consistent backup

Traditionally a lost or stolen device could mean hours of lost work but today’ devices automatically backup to the cloud, ensuring data remains on hand. As soon as your customers realise a device is missing, they can remotely lock access and wipe its hard drive.

However, it’s easy to accidentally misplace a device when out in the field or on the shop floor. But with today’s tracking services, they can locate lost devices in a matter of minutes, and avoid replacing devices that are right under their nose.

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