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Through our Android for Business interactive brochure, our aim is to showcase entry-level options providing simple to manage security, to the more considered, complex, comprehensive management options.

Whatever the solutions for Android devices that are ultimately chosen by businesses of different sizes, there is also an extensive portfolio of smartphones and tablets from many brands covering all price points.

Before you look at the options in our Android for Business interactive brochure, let’s consider the business opportunity.

Up to 80% of businesses do not have any MDM on their work devices.

This means that these devices and data are unprotected and pose a risk to your customer’s business.

There are a number of reasons for this. There may be little knowledge as to what is required or what is needed. There may also be a perceived high cost and complexity. And there is no one in-house to manage any solution or there is simply indifference to the need.

Of the 250M+ Android devices shipped globally to businesses each year, the majority have little to no security or management.

Let our award-winning Mobile Solutions team guide you through your MDM options.

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