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Lockdown Catch Up with Jack Edwards from Hammer

This week, we caught up with Jack ‘Hammer’ Edwards, Sales Manager of Hammer UK.

We spoke to Jack Edwards from Hammer to find out what’s new, why we are turning to rugged devices now more than ever. And what he has been up to since lockdown.

It would be hard to argue with the fact that many of us have turned to our phones these past few weeks, for so much more than calls, tweets, and gaming.

I think Jack echoes the nation as “it seems to be one video call after another. Whether that’s Zoom, Teams or Skype, from a work and also a personal perspective, and it’s not just video calls”. 

We are now at home and find ourselves getting back an hour or two from the usual office commute. Our devices are helping us do the shopping, carry out our banking and even get fitter and healthier. It’s probably fair to say, that even if you weren’t heavily reliant on tech before early 2020, you are now, even just a little. Here’s a shout out to all the parents trying to hold down a full-time job whilst home-schooling through their phone!

With all the guidelines for cleaning and stopping cross-contamination that we’ve quickly become accustomed to. It’s fair to say that we are more conscious of keeping things clean. 

Well, as Jack and I discuss, it turns out our phones are filthy!  And that’s where Hammer’s latest range of rugged devices are taking the market by storm.  Jack tells us that by nature, their rugged devices are no stranger to water. With the ability for the higher end of the rugged device category (IP69 & IP69k rated phones) which can be washed under a tap. Ideal for all those key workers and those not able to work from home, that are constantly using their devices.  Great news for Hammer who has clearly found a niche in an otherwise overpopulated market, as they begin to see an increase in sales particularly from within the healthcare industry.

So, whether you’re interested in the wider role mobile technology is playing or would like to go rugged. Check out the full interview below.

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