Honor Play – Crazy Fast, Crazy Smart

GPU Turbo is Honor’s groundbreaking hardware-software integrated graphics processing acceleration technology. It reconstructs the traditional graphics processing framework at the lower layer system.


GPU Turbo is a dramatic improvement to graphic processing performance, increasing efficiency by 60% and reducing the SoC (System on Chip) energy consumption by 30%. *

The average frame rate of the game is greatly improved with the introduction of the GPU Turbo. This ensures a better picture quality and overall visual experience.

This advantage is consistently high over other devices on the market when playing the most popular mobile games at an almost full frame rate.**

4D Gaming Experience

The AI real-time image and audio recognition will vibrate and alert you to the direction of approaching enemies or gunfire, and you will feel the kickback as you pull the trigger. 4D Smart Shock immerses the player within the game itself.

3D Surround Sound

Histen 3D audio technology provides an ultra-wide 3D sound field for gamers, complementary to the 4D Smart Shock. This virtual surround sound offers a cinematic experience from different directions. This is supported by both wire earphones and headphones with 3D stereo effect.


Download the spec sheet HERE


* Results are based on comparison with the previous generation chip, the Kirin 960.

** The data is the testing results in the Honor lab and is for reference only. The actual airtime may vary by network conditions and user habits.

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